Applying for Award Funding

The CFI will begin accepting funding applications for Fall 2019 awards on August 20 for conferences/professional development activities happening on or after September 16, 2019. The deadline for applications will be August 30 and decisions will be announced by September 6, 2019.

Award Details
  • Academic Affairs, through the Center for Faculty Innovation, will award up to $2,000 per academic year to eligible adjunct faculty for approved professional development (including conference fees and travel) related to teaching, scholarship and research, career planning, and/or leadership.
  • Awards are intended for adjuncts whose primary role at James Madison University is that of teaching. Those not eligible to apply are classified staff members, A&P faculty, emeritus faculty, visiting faculty, scholars in residence, and full-time faculty, as those terms are defined in the Faculty Handbook or university policies.
  • In order to apply, adjunct faculty must have taught for one semester or more, at the time of application, at James Madison University.
  • Professional development monies will only be granted for activities that transpire in the future; that is, these awards are not intended to reimburse faculty for past professional development activities.
  • Award recipients will submit a brief professional development activity report, which will be used later to share the impact of these monies on the recipient, student, programs, etc.
  • The brief application process requires applicants to indicate that (1) they have discussed the application for funding with their AUH, and (2) the AUH approves of the submission.
  • For those proposals that are accepted, monies will be transferred to the recipient’s academic unit for the related professional development activity.
  • Proposals will be vetted by a non-voting member of the CFI and four voting members: two adjunct faculty, one AUH, and one full-time faculty.
  • In its second year, two funding cycles will be supported (Fall 2019 and Spring 2020). 
Award recipients
Spring 2019 funding recipients
  • Mina Attia, Graduate Psychology (CHBS): American Counseling Association Conference;
  • Irene Barrow, Communication Sciences and Disorder (CHBS): Learning and the Brain conference in New York, NY;
  • Agnes Carbrey, Art, Design and Art History(CVPA): Interdisciplinary, international, cultural engagement project with local community, JMU students,and guest artists in  Spain;
  • Joanne Hartog, History (CAL): Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA);
  • Jennifer Hsiaw, Art, Design and Art History (CVPA): AIA Conference on Architecture 2019
  • Valnora Leister, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Brazil Research Seminar-Columbia University;
  • Joy Lohr, Health Professions (CHBS): VAND conference;
  • David Newman, Music (CVPA): Pedagogy into Practice: Teaching Music Theory in the Twenty-First Century conference;
  • John Newman, Political Science (CAL): Presentations and conferences around research on Kennedy presidency;
  • Wendell Shank, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE): University of Salamanca Sessiones de seguimiento de investigaciones doctorales.
Fall 2018 funding recipients
  • Benjamin Bergey, Music (CVPA): for professional memberships;
  • Terrence Fernsler, Social Work (CHBS): International Leadership's 20th Annual Global Conference;
  • Brett Gardner, Psychology (CHBS): American Psychology-Law Society Conference;
  • Steve Gerome, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Forensic, linguistics course at Hofstra University;
  • Valnora Leister, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Expressions of the Lusofonia Conference;
  • Joy Lohr, Health Professions (CHBS): Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Food and Nutrition Conference;
  • Ayami Makino, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture;
  • John Newman, Political Science (CAL): JFK Lancer Conference and the JFK Forum;
  • Katherine Robinson, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE): Association for Behavior Analysis International Conference;
  • Mary Shira, Art, Design and Art History (CVPA): Material support in portfolio/presentation preparation;
  • Budimka Uskokovic, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Hawaii University International Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Studies and Education;
  • Bonnie Yoder, Early, Elementary and Reading Education (COE): Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference.

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