Professional Development Award Details

The Center for Faculty Innovation offers three funding cycles (fall, spring, and summer) for the Adjunct Faculty Professional Development Fund throughout the year. Eligible adjunct faculty can apply for up to $2,000 per academic year for professional development opportunities.

  • These funds can be used for opportunities related to teaching, scholarship, career planning, and leadership. Monies cannot be utilized for tuition.
  • Each of the award funding cycles includes a time frame for the application, the award and the conference/PD activity.
  • For those proposals that are accepted, funds will be transferred after the award notifications to the recipient’s academic unit for the related professional development activity.
  • After completion of the PD activities/conference, the award recipients will submit a brief professional development activity report, which will be used later to share the impact of these monies on the recipient, student, programs, etc. 

Review over the award eligiblity and application details below. The brief application process does require applicants to indicate the following.

  • They have discussed the application for funding with their AUH
  • The AUH approves of the submission
Award Eligibility Details

Professional development monies will only be granted for activities that transpire in the future; therefore, these awards are not intended to reimburse faculty for past professional development activities. 

Applicants may request monies only for singular events or activities; however, adjuncts cannot lump multiple requests (e.g., two conferences) into one proposal.  


  • Awards are intended for adjuncts whose primary role at James Madison University is that of teaching.
  • Adjunct faculty must have taught at James Madison University for one semester or more at the time of application.
  • Adjunct faculty must have taught at James Madison University for one semester or more at the time of application. 
  • Applicants must indicate that (1) they have discussed the application for funding with their AUH, and (2) the AUH approves of the submission.

Not Eligible

  • Those not eligible to apply are classified staff members, A&P faculty, emeritus faculty, visiting faculty, scholars in residence, and full-time faculty, as those terms are defined in the Faculty Handbook or university policies.
Application Process - NOW OPEN

application period for fall funding is September 18 - October 2, 2023 for conferences/professional development activities between October 23, 2023 - March 3, 2024.


  • Candidate reviews the sample application questions
  • Candidate discusses the application for funding opportunity with your department's AUH
  • Candidate submits the application through the link below by the deadline noted
  • Candidate receives selection notification
  • Awardee submits additional budgetary information to process award (budget org code and fiscal tech name)
  • Awardee submits a follow-up activity report survey (including a photo for sharing on social media)

Decisions will be announced by Monday, October 16, 2023.


The application deadline is Monday, October 2 at 5pm.

Please email your questions to

Application Preview
  • First & Last Name

  • JMU Email

  • College & Department

  • Eligibility Questions include:

    • Number of semesters that you have taught at JMU

    • The PD activities during a specific time frame

    • Confirmation of department approval

  • Itemized breakdown of funds: Indicate the dollar amount of professional development funds that you requesting Funding ceiling is $2,000If possible, please also offer an itemized break are down of expenses. (Example: “I am requesting $1,190 to attend a threeday Psychology conference in Chicago, IL. The estimated breakdown is as follows: $400 registration fee, $300 travel by air, $280 in hotel expenses, and $210 in meal per diems.”)

    • Indicate additional sources of funding (confirmed or outstanding) that you have sought in support of this professional development activity.

    • For what activity or purpose will you utilize these professional development funds? (If requesting funds for conference travel, please provide the name of conference, conference dates, and conference location.)

    • In the event that you are planning to utilize funds to attend a conference or institute, please indicate whether you (1) serve in a leadership role with the related association and/or (2) plan to present a paper, workshop, symposium, etc.

    • In what ways will this funding request advance your teaching, car eer planning, research/scholarship, and/or leadership?

    • Please specify anticipated outcomes and impact.

    • Please limit your response to 150 words.

Summer 2023 Recipients
  • Anessa Babic, History (CAL)
  • Spencer Bennington, Writing, Rhetoric and Technical Communication (CAL) 
  • Tracy Deem, Biology (CSM) 
  • Alveen Gallagher, Music (CVPA)
  • Joshua Linder, Adult Degree Program (SPCE)
  • George Reid, Kinesiology (CHBS)
Spring 2023 Recipients
  • Seth Binsted, Philosophy and Religion (CAL)
  • Shayna Finn, Graduate Psychology (CHBS) 
  • Rebecca Hales, Communication Sciences and Disorders (CHBS)
  • Savanah Howe, Health Professions (CHBS)
  • Sarah Johnson, Graduate Psychology (CHBS)
  • Graeme Mack, History (CAL)
  • Todd Nieder, Health Professions (CHBS)
  • Julie Sorge Way, English (CAL)
  • Leah Stoddard, Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA)
Fall 2022 Recipients
  • Israa Alhassani, Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CAL)
  • Terry Fernsler, Social Work / Aging and Family Studies 
  • Samar Fitzgerald, English (CAL)
  • Stephen Gerome, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CAL)
  • Savanah Howe, Health Professions 
  • Jinok Lim, Graduate Psychology
  • Dr. John Newman, Department of Political Science (CAL)
  • Aaron Noland, SCOM (CAL)
  • Michael Trocchia, Department of Philosophy and Religion (CAL)
  • Lynne Weikart, Political Science (CAL)
  • Katelyn Wood, School of Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA)
Spring 2022 Recipients
  • Seth Binsted, Philosophy and Religion, (CAL): Workshop on the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche in Rapallo, Italy
  • Brent Cunningham, Engineering (CISE): Costs associated with small equipment that will enhance the understanding of Thermodynamic principles
  • Benjamin Guerrero, Music (CVPA): Human-Computer Interaction conference in New Orleans, LA
  • Lauren Heberling, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE): Virginia Council for Exceptional Children 2022 Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia
  • Manita Khemthong, Integrated Science and Technology (CISE): Restarting and Formalizing Existing as well as New Student and Faculty Exchange Agreements within MOUs at Thammasat University and Kasetsart University-Hangkhen
  • Hsini Leary, Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA): Creation and Exhibition of New Photography-Based Artworks
  • Tammy May, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education (COE): The Science of Knowledge Conference in New York City
  • David Newman, Music (CVPA): Music Theory "Pedagogy into Practice" conference in East Lansing, MI
  • Todd Nieder, Health Professions (CHBS): Attending the "McKenize Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy: Part D”in Erie, PA on May 19-21, 2022
  • Anastasia Pike, Music (CVPA): Attended and Performed at the World Harp Congress (WHC) in Cardiff, Wales, UK July 22-28, 2022
Fall 2021 Recipients
  • Steve Gerome, Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (CAL): International Conference on Interpreting and Translation
  • Alice Hammel, School of Music (CVPA): Council for Exceptional Children conference
  • Savannah Howe, Health Professions (CHBS): CNS (Certified Neuro Specialist) Certification
  • John Newman, Political Science (CAL): Research at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) facility
  • Melissa Swisher, School of Music (CVPA): Vocal Pedagogy Symposium hosted by Opera Voices Berlin
  • Eric Trinka, Philosophy and Religion (CAL): Society of Biblical Literature - Annual Meeting
Fall 2019 Funding Recipients
  • Zachary Collier, Computer Information Systems & Business Analytics (COB): 2019 Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
  • Laura Dent, Computer Science (CISE): Information Development World and/or Spectrum 2020 conferences
  • Terrence Fernsler, Social Work (CHBS): ARNOVA (Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action)
  • Sarah Gosselin, Theatre and Dance (CVPA): International Association of Dance Medicine and Science conference
  • Alice Hammel, Music (CVPA): Council for Exceptional Children 2020
  • Matt Heller, Geology and Environmental Science (CSM): Earth Educator's Rendezvous Conference
  • Lucy Owen Hoyt, Music (CVPA): Biennial conference of The National Association of Teachers of Singing
  • Tonya Lambert Delp, Graduate Psychology (CHBS): ACT Boot Camp workshop;
  • Valnora Leister, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): BRASA20 - Brazilian Studies Association- XV Congress and/or LASA20- Latin American Studies Association
  • Joy Lohr, Health Professions (CHBS): The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics annual association dues and BRAND (Blue Ridge Academy) fall meeting
  • Julie Sorge Way, English (CAL): Midwest MLA Conference, Chicago, IL
  • Eric Trinka, Philosophy and Religion (CAL): Society of Biblical Literature Annual Meeting, Nostra Aetate in Our Time
  • Brittany Williams, Psychology (CHBS): ACES Conference, and/or Black Mental Health Symposium
  • Katelyn Wood, Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA): Gallery installation and programming at Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. VA
  • Bonnie Yoder, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education (COE): 53rd Annual Conference of the Virginia State Reading Association
Spring 2019 Funding Recipients
  • Mina Attia, Graduate Psychology (CHBS): American Counseling Association Conference;
  • Irene Barrow, Communication Sciences and Disorder (CHBS): Learning and the Brain conference in New York, NY;
  • Agnes Carbrey, Art, Design, and Art History(CVPA): Interdisciplinary, international, cultural engagement project with local community, JMU students,and guest artists in  Spain;
  • Joanne Hartog, History (CAL): Biennial Conference of the European Union Studies Association (EUSA);
  • Jennifer Hsiaw, Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA): AIA Conference on Architecture 2019
  • Valnora Leister, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Brazil Research Seminar-Columbia University;
  • Joy Lohr, Health Professions (CHBS): VAND conference;
  • David Newman, Music (CVPA): Pedagogy into Practice: Teaching Music Theory in the Twenty-First Century conference;
  • John Newman, Political Science (CAL): Presentations and conferences around research on Kennedy presidency;
  • Wendell Shank, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE): University of Salamanca Sessiones de seguimiento de investigaciones doctorales.
Fall 2018 Funding Recipients
  • Benjamin Bergey, Music (CVPA): for professional memberships;
  • Terrence Fernsler, Social Work (CHBS): International Leadership's 20th Annual Global Conference;
  • Brett Gardner, Psychology (CHBS): American Psychology-Law Society Conference;
  • Steve Gerome, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Forensic, linguistics course at Hofstra University;
  • Valnora Leister, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Expressions of the Lusofonia Conference;
  • Joy Lohr, Health Professions (CHBS): Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Food and Nutrition Conference;
  • Ayami Makino, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): International Conference on Language, Literature and Culture;
  • John Newman, Political Science (CAL): JFK Lancer Conference and the JFK Forum;
  • Katherine Robinson, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities (COE): Association for Behavior Analysis International Conference;
  • Mary Shira, Art, Design, and Art History (CVPA): Material support in portfolio/presentation preparation;
  • Budimka Uskokovic, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures (CAL): Hawaii University International Conference on Arts, Humanities, Social Studies and Education;
  • Bonnie Yoder, Early, Elementary, and Reading Education (COE): Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Annual Conference.
Summer 2023 Recipients

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