African, African American, and Diaspora Studies
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The minor in African/African-American studies broadens students' world perspectives by enhancing their acquaintance with and understanding of the peoples, cultures and institutions of Africa and the African Diaspora in the Western Hemisphere.
Coordinator: Dr. Mollie Godfrey and Dr. Besi Muhonja, Department of English 

American Studies
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The minor in American studies is based on the desirability of developing a coordinated understanding of American civilization, past and present, acquired through selected courses offered by the traditional departments and special courses offered by the program itself. Focus in humanistic subjects and the social sciences will provide the student with the means of exploring the interrelationships among diverse aspects of our culture and changing patterns of ideas and values.
Coordinator: Dr. Laura Henigman, Department of English

Asian Studies
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The purpose of this interdisciplinary program is to broaden the students' perspective by enhancing their understanding and appreciation of Asian culture and institutions. This pro-gram combines the offerings of several departments, such as art, economics, history, foreign languages, political science, religion and sociology and anthropology.
Coordinator: Dr. Michael Seth , Department of History

Book Arts
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The minor in book arts is a cross disciplinary program designed to broaden students’ understanding of the value and role of the art of the book in general culture while enhancing written and visual creativity, artistic production and the ability to think independently.
Coordinators: Ms. Dawn McCusker, School of Art, Design and Art History, and Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall, School of Art, Design and Art History

British Communication & Media
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The interdisciplinary British Communication and Media Minor enables students to expand their knowledge of communication and media in Great Britain, and to enhance their appreciation of the impact culture has on communication and media. Students must participate in JMU's Semester or Summer In London program to complete this minor.
Coordinator: Mr. Dietrich Maune, School of Media Arts & Design

Classical Studies
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The minor in Classical Studies introduces students to the literature, culture, philosophy, history, and languages of Greco-Roman civilization. The requirement is successful completion of 24 credit hours chosen from the following courses offered by participating departments. Students who take Latin or Greek can apply up to 12 credit hours to the minor.
Coordinator: Dr. Stephen Chappell, Department of History

Creative Writing
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The interdisciplinary minor in creative writing is designed to give students an opportunity to develop their writing talents across a number of literary forms and communication contexts. By developing course selections in poetry, fiction and essay writing matched with those in stage and screenplay writing, students may tailor the program to suit a variety of artistic goals and professional objectives.
Coordinator: Erica Cavanaugh, Department of English

Disability Studies
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The minor in disability studies engages students in an examination of the many ways disability is defined and constructed. Students will build knowledge of the political, rhetorical, social, educational, historical, legal, and medical frameworks of disability through both classroom and experiential study in courses drawn from several disciplines. Students will examine the ways systems inhibit and promote full participation of people with disabilities, explore how communities define and reinforce norms, and understand disability as an inherent part of diversity and inclusivity.
Coordinators: Dr. Susan Ghiaciuc, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication, and Ms. Daisy Breneman, Justice Studies 

Film Studies
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The minor in film studies is designed for students who wish to extend their critical understanding of visual communication and narrative form by studying how movies tell stories, convey information and influence audiences. Because the program is interdisciplinary, it examines films as both art and entertainment, bringing together the literary traditions of English and the communication perspectives of media arts and design. Coordinator: Dr. Kevin Reynolds, School of Media Arts and Design

Historical Archaeology
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While open to all majors at JMU, the minor in historical archaeology is designed as a complement to existing majors in anthropology and history, though it should be of interest to students in art history, museum studies and administration. While guided by the theoretical underpinnings of history and anthropology, the minor in historical archaeology is highly field and research oriented. Students enrolling in the program should anticipate courses that require significant effort outside the classroom. The minor requires a minimum of 23 credit hours.
Coordinators: Dr. Dennis Blanton, Department of Sociology/Anthropology, and Dr. Gabrielle Lanier, Department of History

Humanitarian Affairs
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The interdisciplinary Humanitarian Affairs minor provides students with a global perspective on the major issues facing the human community today. Students will investigate the impacts of natural disasters, disease, poverty, conflict, and local, national, and international policies on the welfare of human communities around the world. They will also explore solutions to various humanitarian crises and some of the organizations that address these crises. Finally, students will acquire knowledge and skills that prepare them for careers in governmental or non-profit organizations that address humanitarian issues such as poverty, hunger and malnourishment, conflict, human rights violations and natural disasters.
Coordinator: Dr. Tara Parsons, Justice Studies

Latin American and Caribbean Studies
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This minor allows students to acquire a deeper understanding of Latin America. Students are encouraged to explore the possibility of studying in a Latin American country for a semester or summer session. Coordinator: Dr. Tomás Regalado-López, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Logic and Reasoning
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The minor brings together several disciplines — philosophy, mathematics, computer science — that take logic as part of  their subject matter, as well as part of their method. The minor emphasizes the core logical elements that are common across disciplines and shows how to apply these common logical concepts and tools in different domains. 
Coordinators: Dr. Thomas Adajian, Department of Philosophy and Religion, and Dr. Tracy Lupher, Department of Philosophy and Religion

Medical Humanities
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The cross disciplinary minor in medical humanities provides students with a humanistic and social study of illness, health and the body. Typically, we approach the human body from a medical, diagnostic model. But physicians have long recognized that this approach to health and well-being is not sufficient for understanding our somatic life. Drawing upon concepts found in the disciplines contributing to the minor, courses in the curriculum share the common focus of examining how individuals and institutions articulate and disseminate conceptions of the body, including constituent issues such as race, ethnicity, sexuality and gender.
Coordinator: Dr. Michael Klein, Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication

Medieval & Renaissance Studies
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The minor focuses on the period from the fall of Rome (5th Century C.E.) to 1700. Students can take courses in Art History, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion, and a range of languages (Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Latin as well as medieval languages such as Old English and Middle English) in the original or in translation. Students may focus on either the medieval or the Renaissance periods or combine coursework in both Periods.
Coordinator: Dr. Peter Eubanks, Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations
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The Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations minor concentrates on social and political issues involving Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations in their own right and in relation to one another in the territory between the Nile and Indus rivers during the modern period. The program is also designed to accommodate consideration of other communities including Hindus, Turks and Mediterranean peoples in the larger area stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia as well as Middle Eastern diaspora communities in Europe and the Americas from the ancient period to the present.
Coordinator: Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi, Department of History

Modern European Studies
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The minor in Modern European Studies provides an interdisciplinary understanding of social dynamics in Europe from the Enlightenment (18th century) through the present. Students enrolling in the minor will gain proficiency in at least one European language and will explore European history, politics, society, culture, and thought. They will develop a wide-ranging appreciation of this important and dynamic world region.
Coordinator: Dr. John Scherpereel, Department of Political Science

Music and Human Services 
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This minor will prepare students for vocational and avocational opportunities to use music performance, education, entrepreneurship and community engagement skills to serve diverse populations in human service settings. Students with interest and musical backgrounds are welcome.
Coordinator: Dr. David Stringham, School of Music 

Political Communication
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The program in political communication is designed for those students wishing to supplement their major programs with an emphasis on communication skills, knowledge and abilities specifically relevant to participation in political environments.
Coordinator: Dr. Valerie Sulfaro, Coordinator, Department of Political Science

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The minor is intended to offer STEM majors and other students with an interest in science and technology a fundamental understanding of scientific and technical issues involved in the design, construction and application of robots.
Coordinator: Dr. Nathan Sprague, Department of Computer Science

Russian Studies
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This minor offers students a broad, interdisciplinary perspective on Russian culture, history, political institutions, economy and geography. This program deepens the students' understanding and knowledge of the Russian and non-Russian peoples of the former Soviet Union, and prepares them for careers in teaching, government and international business.
Coordinator: Dr. Stephany Plecker, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Science, Technology, & Society
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The minor in Science, Technology, and Society (STS) offers students the opportunity to critically examine science, technology, and medicine as expressions of human cultures, past and present. Students learn to scrutinize the ideas, values, and materials embedded in the world they inhabit today and to relate them to other times and places. They explore how choices made within various social, economic, and political structures influence the development of science, technology and medicine. They also see how the adoption and diffusion of ideas, artifacts and techniques can then influence individuals, society, politics, and culture. Courses in this minor draw students together from diverse majors across the campus and encourage open inquiry into the role of science and technology in society.
Coordinator: Dr. Shannon Conley, Integrated Science and Technology

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
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The Women's Studies minor is an 18 credit hour interdisciplinary program that explores the scholarship related to gender and equity issues. This minor includes one required course, WGS 200. The remainder of the program incorporates many academic fields.
Coordinator: Dr. Mary Thompson, Department of English

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