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JMU Professional & Continuing Education is proud to partner with school divisions  to offer dual enrollment programs. These programs allow eligible students to earn college credit while completing their high school diploma, in an environment that offers JMU's high academic standards while creating a continuum of learning between high school and college. 

Eligibility: To enroll in a JMU credit class, students must be high school Juniors or Seniors (or homeschool equivalent), and at least 14 years of age. Rising Juniors qualify as long as the Sophomore year requirements have been completed. A reference may be requested from the student's educational institution to verify enrollment status and/or endorse the student's ability to take a college level course. Dual enrollment students have non-degree seeking student status at JMU.

Enrollment as a non-degree seeking student does not qualify as undergraduate admission to the University. For more information on applying for undergraduate admission, please see the JMU Office of Admissions.

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