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Established in 2013 by Dr. David Owusu-Ansah, and chaired by Dr. AJ Morey, the Provost's Faculty Diversity Council is an appointed group of 15 faculty from all colleges and including the Faculty Senate, the CFI, CGE, CISR and the Library. The council meets 8 times per year. 

Mission: To improve the diversity of JMU's faculty, using the definition of diversity from Policy 1302: It is the policy of James Madison University to provide equal employment and educational opportunities for all persons with out regard to race, sex, color, national origin, religion age, genetic information, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, parental status, political affiliation. Employment actions are administered without discrimination. These actions include recruitment activities, working conditions, benefits and privileges of employment, compensation decisions, training classes, promotional opportunities, and termination of employment. 

After the first year, the Council was charged with presenting action-item recommendations in support of the mission as they emerge (rather than being held to an end-of-the-year report.) 


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