2014 Policy Updates

  • Cross Disciplinary Studies will forward proposals to academic units or the CCCC on the first Monday of every month and assume a response by the first Monday of the following month.
  • For electronic votes at the college level, the vote of the College C&I Chair is sufficient. If the CCCC meets, the College C&I Chair is welcome to bring representatives for discussion. In the event of a vote, only the College C&I Chair will vote.

CCCC Summary and Overview

The Cross College Curriculum Committee was created in Spring 2008 and is chaired by the Associate Vice Provost for Cross Disciplinary Studies. The purpose of this committee is to streamline the approval process for cross-college proposals. Once a curriculum proposal has been approved at the academic unit level, it will proceed to this composite college group, rather than traversing every individual college committee.

What goes through the CCCC?

  • Any program whose curriculum involves multiple colleges.
  • Cross disciplinary courses without clear college affiliation.
  • New majors or minors.


The Cross College Curriculum Committee (CCCC) will provide a cross disciplinary college-level approval body for programs with significant cross-college identity or without clear college affiliation. This process assures that cross disciplinary programs receive the same level of review as college-based programs, but do not go through a more burdensome administrative process. Faculty must adhere to the process currently used in their academic units to initiate and review proposals. After these proposals receive approval by their academic units, the CCCC would serve in place of multiple college approvals.

The CCCC assumes the absolute integrity and centrality of the academic unit review, as that is where issues of resources and territory will emerge with most urgency and clarity. The strength of the academic unit's C&I is essential to the cross disciplinary process. Decisions made by faculty members at this level will be the basis for review by the CCCC. Thus, involved academic units retain primary responsibility for curricular decisions.


Chair: Associate Vice Provost for Cross Disciplinary Studies and Diversity Engagement

Membership: C&I Chairs from each involved college and The Graduate School, as needed.

If convened in Spring 2018, membership would look like this:

C&I Chair
Jessica Adolino 
Paula Maxwell 
Florian Buchholz
Cole Welter
Mike Busing
Giovanna Scarel
Jane Thall
General Education
Amanda Biesecker
University Studies   
Fletcher Linder
The Graduate School         
Michael Klein

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