Welcome to African, African American, and Diaspora Studies (AAAD)

The minor in AAAD broadens students' world perspectives by enhancing their acquaintance with and understanding of the peoples, issues of identities and institutions of Africa as well as the African Diaspora in the western hemisphere.

The AAAD program engages interdisciplinary approaches to understand and to encounter African and the African Diaspora in a global context. The interdisciplinary character of the program is further enhanced by the fact that courses taken to fulfill program requirements are drawn from several departments. From these course offerings, students will examine and engage with some of AAAD studies' major contributing disciplines, concepts, methods and topics including the development of new identities.

For more information, please explore this website or download our brochure. If you have questions about the minor, please contact the AAAD Minor Coordinators. You can declare the minor by going into MyMadison. See detailed instructions here

AAAD Minor Coordinators:

Mollie Godfrey
Associate Professor of English 
Keezell Hall

Besi Muhonja
Associate Professor of English
AAAD Studies / Women’s and Gender Studies / African Literatures and Cultures
Keezell Hall


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