Career Guide to JMU Majors

The Career Guide to JMU Majors provides a sampling of career options for each of the majors offered at JMU. The Career Guide also provides major specific information on internship opportunities, characteristics of successful students, and websites for further exploration of potential careers.

Learn About JMU Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs are optional. They prepare you to enter a certain type of graduate school. You still need a major in addition to a pre-professional designation.

Degree Requirements

Different major programs have different degree requirements. To understand the different course requirements for each degree, please review all of the degrees JMU offers.

FOCUS: the Online Career Planning Program

FOCUS provides a self-paced, online format for exploring careers that could be compatible for you. You can save your information and come back as often as you like. We recommend you schedule an appointment with an academic or career advisor to help make meaning of your results.

"Learn How to Become"

Visit to find out what majors and courses are recommended for various professions. Learn How to Become also allows you to look up professions, expected salaries by state, job prospects, and steps you can take to stand out in the field.

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