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Wilson Hall
First Year Advisor

How am I assigned a First Year Advisor?

When you select your major in the One Book, you are assigned a First Year Advisor.

When can I get in touch with my First Year Advisor?

Your First Year Advisor will contact you via email on June 9th (Note: Make sure you have selected a major in the One Book). However, if you have questions before then, you can contact us at


When will I find out my enrollment time?

On June 10th, you may log into the MyMadison and click on “Student Center” tab to see when your enrollment appointment begins. Once it “begins” you’ll have access to enroll in and/or change your classes until mid-July and then again in August.

Should I wait to enroll in classes until I meet with my advisor in person?

No. Please enroll in a full schedule of courses based on the tools provided in the First Semester Enrollment Modules online. Your advisor will then be a resource to suggest changes based on your interests and availability.

I don’t have an enrollment time.

Have you completed your One Book steps? If you don’t have an enrollment appointment, make sure you’ve completed all of your One Book steps and, if you have, you can call the Orientation office.

How many classes/credit hours should I be in enrolling in?

Most students will enroll in 5 classes, which typically equals 15 credit hours.  Some students may have slightly more credit hours (16-18) based on their specific major requirements. 

What if I cannot log into myMadison?

Contact the HelpDesk at 540-568-3555.

Transfer Credit

Where should I send my transcripts?

First year students should send their transcripts to Admissions until the first day of classes.   

     Madison Hall

     MSC 0101

     100 East Grace Street

     Harrisonburg VA 22807

Can I just send my high school transcript if I am expecting transfer credit?

No. Any transfer credit must come directly from that institution.

  • Dual Enrollment: Send your official transcript from the institution you took the dual enrollment courses through to JMU admissions

  • AP credit: Send your test scores from College Board to JMU

  • IB credit: Send your test scores from IB to JMU

  • Cambridge International Examination credit: Send your scores through the Cambridge International Examination system

How can I find out how credit will transfer to JMU?

How do I see if my transfer credit has been processed?

Log into your Student Center in MyMadison. On the left hand, drop down menu, select “Transfer Credit Report.” Click the arrow next to the drop down menu once you have selected that option. This will show you if you have any transfer credit processed. Additionally, you can also view your “Unofficial Transcript” using the same drop down menu option. 

Placement Tests

My math placement score places me in a lower level course than I feel like I should be pursuing.  Can I retake my placement test?

As an incoming first year student, if you score within 2 points of the next advanced level of math, you can talk with your first-year advisor to arrange for a math placement exam retake during 1787 August Orientation. All requests to retake your math placement exam must come from your advisor.

Do I need to take the foreign language placement test?

It depends. Make sure to check out the foreign language placement website to learn more.

General Education Courses

Do I have to take one class from each cluster for the first semester?

No, you do not.  Please review the 1st semester enrollment worksheet for your major and enroll in the specific courses outlined for this coming fall semester.

How do I find which classes I should be enrolling in for the first semester?  

Please review the 1st semester enrollment worksheets which are located in Module 2.

How do I search by cluster?

View the MyMadison tutorial provided by the office of the Registrar.

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