When a Course is Full

When a course reaches its seat limit available due to classroom occupancy or because the instruction requires the size of the course be limited to a certain number, the course is closed and you cannot register for it on MyMadison. For some classes, you may be able to indicate your interest in getting into a closed class through two possible methods:

1. Utilizing the Waitlist
2. Requesting an Override.  

Utilizing the Waitlist

Some courses have specific sections with a Waitlist option if the course enrollment is full.  Waitlist sections are designated with a yellow triangle symbol:


To see if a class has a waitlist, uncheck the “Show Open Classes Only” box when you do a search.  View the tutorial for adding a waitlist class.

Permission to Enroll 

Permission to enroll, also called an override, is special permission given to a student to join a class that requires instructor or departmental approval to enroll, has reached its maximum capacity, or for which a requisite has not been met. Permission is granted at the discretion of the academic unit offering the course. Student specific permissions are entered into MyMadison by the departmental office. The department may issue you a permission number which you will need to enter in the appropriate field in MyMadison when enrolling in the class. Departments can specify deadlines on permissions, so be sure to enroll before your permission expires. The override only saves a seat in the class for you -- it does not enroll you in the class.

Register for the Course

After an override is given, you must enroll in the class. You MUST log in to MyMadison and add it to your schedule. The course will not be added to your schedule automatically.  

Override Procedures by Academic Unit

View the Override Procedures by Academic Unit for details of how and where to request an override.  Please note that override procedures differ by academic units. Some academic units do not issue overrides at all. Please note that overrides are not provided for General Education Cluster 1 classes.

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