Application for Summer 2021 ISNW Mini-Grants


The Institute for Stewardship of the Natural World (ISNW) coordinates the collaborative efforts of the university to promote cultural change for environmental stewardship and sustainability, and a broader sense of citizenship. The ISNW will mark its 12th anniversary with an array of activities and initiatives in Academic Year 2021, including offering Summer 2021 mini-grants for full-time instructional faculty. Faculty may apply for funding to incorporate sustainability into courses and outreach with the specific aim of increasing JMU, high school, and middle school student learning about sustainability. Preference will be given to proposals that aim to (1) incorporate sustainable development (all three dimensions), including the UN Sustainable Development Goals, into JMU courses or (2) develop self-guided sustainability activities for middle and high school visitors to East Campus using the East Campus Hillside meadow or tree plantings, solar arrays, Mineral Museum, Arboretum, Bioscience Building green roof, seed library, bee hives, land bridge forest/open space meadow, pollinator beds, stormwater BMPs, sustainable dining at E-hall, Madison Garden, video wall, Science On a Sphere, (soon to be located in EnGeo) or Magic Planet spherical display (soon to be located in EnGeo).


For a brief overview of sustainable development, see

For information about JMU's membership in the University Global Coalition and inaugural dialogues about the SDGs, see


  1. Full-time instructional faculty members who are on 9- or 10-month contracts and have permission from their academic unit head may apply.
  2. Faculty must have time available, according to JMU guidelines, to complete their proposed work between June 25 and July 31, 2021. The mini-grants cannot fund overload/overtime, so applicants that are employed by JMU for research, teaching, or other activities at any point in May through August 2021, should check with their unit's fiscal technician to confirm that JMU will allow them to complete and be compensated for the work they are proposing for the mini-grants.


The criteria are as follows:

  1. Funds may be used by instructional faculty members to incorporate sustainability (all three dimensions) into courses and outreach with the specific aim of increasing learning about sustainability. Funds are not available through this program for supplies, equipment, or travel.
  2. Work must be completed between June 25 and July 31, 2021. This includes emailing a copy of the materials developed.
  3. The request must follow all state guidelines and meet accounting/audit requirements.
  4. Proposals will be evaluated based on the quality of the idea, adherence to the criteria (including this year's two focus areas), and contribution to the missions of the ISNW and JMU.  


Complete the very brief online request form.

The required form asks for the following: 

  1. Your name, email, other contact information; names and majors of students involved; names and units of any collaborators.
  2. The title of your project 
  3. A 500-word description of your initiative
  4. A brief overview of your relevant expertise
  5. A brief project timeline
  6. A short budget breakdown
  7. Indication of approval by AUH

The review committee reserves the right to request more information during the decision process. 


The proposed budget may be up to $1500. Faculty will be compensated at $200 per eight hourlong day, and undergraduate and graduate students will be compensated at $10 per hour. 

All work must be completed and the materials developed delivered by July 31, 2021.


The deadline for submission of applications is 5 pm on Monday, June 7, 2021. Applications will be reviewed immediately, and awards made the week of June 14.


The recipients of the mini-grants will be recognized on the ISNW website.  Materials developed for outreach may be shared with the JMU STEM Center and others.

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