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Fitness Center

Free Weights
Free weights include barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags and medicine balls.

6 Squat Racks
Each rack contains adjustable spotter bars for safety. Black plates are to be used inside the rack. Each squat rack also has an open rubber platform behind it where colored bumper plates should be used. Deadlifts and Olympic lifts such as the clean and jerk and the snatch may be done on the platform.

3 Open Platforms
The rubber surface of the platforms is shock absorbing, lessens the wear and tear of the equipment, and dampens the sound of a dropped fully loaded barbell. Bumper plates must be used when performing variations of the deadlift and Olympic lifts.

18 Chest and Shoulder Benches
Benches include the incline bench, decline bench, flat bench, and the shoulder press, all with a 45 lb. Olympic barbell and black weight plates.

Plate-Loaded and Selectorized Weight Stack Strength Equipment
Our plate-loaded strength equipment allows participants to get a great strength-training workout in without the need for a partner or a spotter. Each piece can be used with both limbs at a time, one limb at a time, or alternating, with different weights for each. Weights are stored on the side of each piece for maximum convenience.
Selectorized equipment uses weight stacks, where the user can choose how much weight he or she wants by inserting a key into the stack. Selectorized equipment also follows a fixed movement pattern.

Cardiovascular Machines
Rowing machines, stationary bikes, ellipticals, lateral trainers and treadmills are available in the Fitness Center. There are three types of treadmills, including a self-powered manual treadmill that uses no electricity.

Hoist Motion Cage
The Motion Cage features a series of functional exercise training systems that include two heavy bags, a rebounder station, a jump platform, two battle ropes, two TRX straps, monkey bars, a dip station and rock wall grips. Gloves or wraps must be used with the heavy bags.

Stretching Area
The stretching area is spacious enough for relaxing yoga or a post-workout cool-down, but it can also be utilized for circuit training or any other high-intensity exercising. Jump ropes, resistance bands, stretching mats, aerobic steps and medicine balls are available here. A stretching cage allows participants to increase flexibility without the use of other equipment or floor-based stretching.

Cardio Deck, Multi-Purpose Studio and Mezzanine

Cardiovascular Machines
Stationary bikes, stair climbers, ellipticals, lateral trainers, Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT), FlexStriders, Octane XT-Ones and Cybex ArcTrainers are available on the Cardio Deck. The AMTs, FlexStriders and XT-Ones share features of a stair stepper and an elliptical.

Kinesis Cable Strength Machines
Kinesis Cable Strength Machines are sets of cable and pulley resistance exercise systems that are versatile in their intensity and functionality. These machines provide free 360-degree movement, unlike traditional weighted cable equipment, which not only increases strength but balance as well.

Rope Trainer 
The Rope Trainer features multi-mode adjustment for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reverse pull and allows for increased strength, cardio, and functional training that targets your entire body. The Rope Trainer stimulates actual rope climbing.

Boxing is a total body workout for high-energy cardio exercise. The BoxMaster is a set of 12 strategically placed pads on a secure stand. Each pad is designed to take the impact from a punch, kick or knee and allow for a completely customized workout experience. Gloves or wraps must be used with the BoxMaster.

TRX Suspension Training 
The TRX Suspension Training workout is a highly customizable performance-training tool that develops strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability simultaneously. It delivers a fast, total-body workout, increases muscular endurance, helps build a solid core, and can benefit people of all fitness levels. The straps are adjustable and intensity can vary among individual fitness level.

For more information about our fitness equipment, please consult a Fitness Assistant or Manager on duty. Other questions can be directed to our Coordinator of Fitness Programs.

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