Team and Individual Player

SC Manual Confirmation
After reading the Sport Club Manual all four officers, which includes the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must sign and date this form. Doing so pledges that the officers thoroughly understand the content of the manual and will be responsible for expectations stated for both themselves and their team. The club’s entire leadership team needs to be present to complete this form.
Due Date: Prior to first approved practice

Team Roster Template
The roster must be submitted each semester and updated as needed. Team rosters have pertinent information for contacting all Sport Club participants and is mandatory. Download the excel document and rename the file with your club’s name. Once completed, the file should be sent to The roster should be submitted as needed to keep your roster up to date. No paper copies will be accepted. 
Due Date: Third Friday of September each year

UREC's 7 Charges
UREC’s 7 Charges Form must be completed yearly in the spring semester. UREC’s 7 charges are the requirements and expectations for each club's executive officers. This includes information that the officers should be sharing with their club membership. The club’s entire leadership team needs to be present to complete this form.
Due Date: Prior to first approved practice

Officer Update
The officer update must be completed yearly in the spring semester. The officer update communicates who each clubs new Executive Officers are for the next year. The officer update must be signed by club officers as well as the club advisor.
Due Date: Third Friday of March each year

Sport Club Of The Year
Please read the attached document for instructions on how to apply for Sport Club of the Year. All letters are due to the Graduate Assistant of Sport Club in the month of March. The winner will be announced at the End of the Year Banquet.
Due Date: March of each year

Informed Consent And Travel Agreement
The informed consent and travel agreement must be read and signed by every student prior to participating in any club activity, tryouts included.
Due Date: Before participating in any club activity

Participation Numbers Form
The Participation Number Form must be submitted on the 20th of each month. This form is used to track practices, games, community service, fundraising, general club activity and consideration for Sport Club of the Month.
Due Date: 20th of each month

Weekend Highlights
The Weekend Highlights link is used to submit clubs highlights and results from weekend activities. This includes games/competitions, but could also include fundraisers and community service events. This information will be used to update to Sport Club Facebook page. Clubs will be awarded points if Weekend Highlights are submitted by 10 p.m. Monday following the event.
Due Date: 10:00pm Monday following the event

Competitions and Facility Space

Activity Request
This link will take you to the JMU Event Management webpage where you can request space for all games, tournaments, meetings or club events. To access the reservation system, you must have completed the Student Event Planner Training on this webpage first.  Once submitted, the requester will receive a confirmation or denial email within 7 business days. Information regarding reservations, training and campus facilities can also be found on this webpage.
Due Date: 3 weeks before event

Travel Roster/Itinerary
The travel roster/itinerary is used to communicate with the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs when a club is leaving JMU, who is going and other trip details. Should the Assistant Director need to contact any club member who is traveling they will be able to. The travel roster/itinerary should be submitted online at least 24 hours before travel takes place.
Due Date: 24 hours before travel

Practice Request
The practice request is used to communicate club requests for practice space with the Assistant Director for Sport Clubs and Inclusive Recreation. Based on the clubs current standing within the point system they will be awarded their schedule.
Due Date: 2 Weeks before the Start of the Semester

UREC Event Promotion
UREC Marketing can help you get the word out about your event. Want an ad on one of the UREC TV screens? Design a PowerPoint slide (can be 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio) or image (JPG 1920×1080 pixels) and email it to the Assistant Director for Communications and Engagement. You can also drop off 2 flyers for posting in UREC at the Welcome Center. Allow at least one week for information to be posted.
Due Date: 2 weeks prior to event

Vehicle Request
The Vehicle Request link is used when a Sport Club wants to request a University vehicle or vehicles for travel. This form must be submitted at least two weeks prior to travel for a request to be made but needs to be submitted as early as possible because vehicles fill quickly. Payment for University vehicles comes directly out of your UREC budget. If a club does not have enough money in your budget to cover the cost, you will be responsible for reimbursing UREC. Sport Clubs will receive an email confirmation once their request is filled. Please contact the Coordinator of Sport Clubs with questions about University vehicles.
Due Date: At least two weeks prior to travel

Expenditure and Reimbursement

UREC Sport Club Expense Form
The UREC Sport Club Expense Form must be submitted complete and with appropriate club signatures at least 3 weeks prior to game, event, league fee deadline or when a club wants equipment to arrive on campus. The form is used to pay for tournament/league fees, equipment and for reimbursing a club for hotel stay. The completed form should be handed into the Sport Club Administrative Assistant or the SCC Treasurer once it is completed. Items to be included with the UREC Sport Club Expense Form for travel are the following: invoice for tournament or league fee, club roster of who is traveling, print out of hotel the club plans to stay at. If you are using the form to make a purchase request, please include a quote form the company for the equipment.
Due Date: 3 weeks before event

Travel Authorization Supporting Documentation

Reimbursement Receipt
The reimbursement receipt must be submitted with a travel reimbursement voucher within 5 business days after travel. Also included with the reimbursement receipt should be a copy of invoice or a copy of the check used to pay. For complete process click here. The reimbursement receipt should be handed into the SCC Treasurer once travel has occurred.
Due Date: Within 5 days after travel

Purchase Request
The purchase request should be used when a club is interested in purchasing equipment or supplies for club events/competitions from their UREC allotted money. Purchases from UREC allotted money must benefit the entire club membership and will be handled on a case by case situation. The purchase request should be emailed to the Coordinator of Sport Clubs as needed.
Due Date: 3 weeks before event

Community Service and Supportive Funds

Verification for Community Service: Individual or Group
All Sport Club participants are required to complete 5 hours of community service throughout the school year. Once a community service project is completed, please return this form to the SCC Secretary's mailbox in the Sport Club office (Room 105B) on the first floor of UREC.
Due Date: Within 1 week after event

Supportive Funds - Proposal | Budget Template
The supportive funds proposal form can be completed and submitted to the SCC to receive extra funding from the sport club program throughout the year. Please send all proposals to the SCC President. Supportive funds allows clubs an opportunity to receive money to attend tournaments/performances, purchase equipment, pay league fees, etc. Funds will be awarded to each club based on need, spending habits, fundraising effort, and team involvement within the community. An updated budget of the team's off-campus account using the provided template must be submitted with the proposal and include both Fall/Spring semester expenditures and revenues.

Coaches and Officials

Coach/Instructor Application
The coach/instructor application should needs to be turned in to communicate when club membership has decided to have a coach or instructor present to run practices and games. This will allow the coach or instructor to be eligible for a guest parking pass as well. If the club wants to pay this person they must complete the W-9, Skilled Services Contract and Appendix L. The coach/instructor application should be handed into the Coordinator of Sport Clubs as needed.
Due Date: As it applies

The W-9 should be used when a club wants to pay a coach or official for services rendered. The W-9 must be completed and signed by the person who is providing the service. It must be submitted with a skilled services contract and appendix L to be processed. The W-9 should be handed in to the Coordinator of Sport Clubs 3 weeks prior to payment need.
Due Date: 3 weeks prior to payment need

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