About Us

We are a co-ed club with a little over 20 members who train and compete in the multi-sport event of triathlon. We train regularly every week throughout the school year both as a team and individually. We compete at both the regional and national level and we compete in both the fall and spring.

How to Join

There are no tryouts or requirements to join, except to be a JMU student. We welcome athletes of all levels.

Time Commitment

We hold practice everyday with each practice lasting around an hour. Practices are not required but they are highly encouraged to foster team bonding. There is absolutely no time commitment required for this club, you participate at your leisure.


Dues are $65 per semester.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

One of our athletes came in the top three for a conference race held in North Carolina.

  • 2009-10 UREC Sport Club of the Year
  • 2001-02 UREC Sport Club of the Year
Contact Us

Email us at: jmuclubtriathlon@gmail.com  
Visit our website, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.


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