About Us

We compete at the D3 level for the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (NCRHA) and are in the southeast division, SECRHA (although we may transfer the the eastern division this season, ECRHA). We have a roster of around 14 players and although we currently only consist of male club members, we are willing to be a co-ed club. We compete in the Fall, Winter and Spring.

How to Join

We have tryouts in early September.

Time Commitment

We practice three days per week for about two hours each.

We allow three to four practices to be missed per month before being ineligible to play in upcoming games (except for injury).


Dues are approximately $700 for the entire school year and may vary.

Awards, Recognition and Championships

We attended Nationals during the 2018-19 school year.

Contact Us

Email us at jmurollerhockey@gmail.com.
Visit our website and follow us on Instagram.


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