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Shenandoah Bicycle Company (SBC) has partnered with UREC to offer the JMU community the following services right on campus!



Accessing Cycle Central

Drop off your bike for service at the Adventure Center Pick-Up and Drop-Off location near the UREC Loading Dock on the east side of UREC. SBC will be notified that your bike is in need of repair and will get in touch with you within 24 hours. You can contact urec@shenandoahbicycle.com with any questions you have about this process!

Bikes are not permitted through the front main entrance of UREC. If you are driving a vehicle, there is one 15-minute parking spot for pick-up and drop-off only that can be accessed by turning off University Boulevard onto Driver Drive.

Repair Services & Products

SBC offers full-service bike repair, from basic flat tire repair to complete tune-ups and overhauls. 24-hour turnaround is available. Common repair prices are estimated below. The service rate is $50/hr. Shenandoah Bicycle Company accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

  • Tire pressure check/inflation: No charge
  • Flat repair: $10.00 plus parts
  • Brake adjustment: $15.00
  • Gear adjustment $15.00

A UREC rental bike is available at no charge while your bike is being repaired. Just bring your bike in for repair and the Adventure Center staff will set you up with a loaner bike while yours is being fixed.

Cycle Central also offers a comprehensive selection of products for your bicycle needs. From locks, lights, to helmets we will have you covered.

Pickup & Delivery

We'll be happy to arrange pickup and delivery of your bicycle from any spot on campus, email us at urec@shenandoahbicycle.com. We'll take your bike and do a free check-over and call with an estimate for any repairs needed. This service will generally be available in the morning and early afternoon.

Fit Services & Education

Set up an appointment with Cycle Central and we will help get you fitted and comfortable on your bike, from minor seat and handlebar adjustments to a complete fitting on your ride. Ask us about riding on and off campus, and how to best interact with vehicles and other riders on the roadway.

UREC continues to offer numerous cycle programs and weekly bike rentals! Several of the cycle programs will be offered in partnership with SBC.

Contact Us

Cycle Central is operated by employees of Shenandoah Bicycle Company and are affiliates of JMU:

  • Thomas Jenkins
  • Jack Gavin
  • Luke Martin

Questions about services, products, pricing and payment can be directed to Thomas at urec@shenandoahbicycle.com

Questions about programs and rentals can be directed to the Adventure Center Service Desk or the Coordinator of Adventure & TEAM Programs.

General questions, concerns, or comments can be directed to the Associate Director for UREC Services.

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