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Informal Recreation is the drop-in use of numerous recreational activities at UREC. Throughout all hours of operation, unstructured activities will be available to meet different recreational needs. Informal Recreation Assistants will be available to help with set-up needs of participants. Several informal recreation educational programs are available to try out a new drop-in activity. Click to learn more and register now! Please direct registration issues or questions to the UREC Welcome Center (stop by or call 540-568-8734). 

Drop-in and have fun!

Racquet & Paddle Sports / Ball Sports / Running, Jogging & Walking / Informal Outdoor Gatherings

Indoor Rock Climbing / Swimming / Weight & Cardio Equipment / Disc Golf

Racquet & Paddle Sports Priority is given to those with prior approved reservations; all other use is on a ­first come basis. There is an hour limit.

  • Racquetball (7 Courts at UREC, first and second floors)< Try the Racqueball Ladder on the first floor of UREC across from the Racquetball Courts near the MAC Gym!
  • Squash (1 Court at UREC, first floor)
  • Table Tennis (2 Tables at UREC, second floor) Check out paddles and balls at the UREC Equipment Center.
  • Badminton (Available for setup in the UREC Sports Forums) Badminton matches will be limited to two out of three or one-hour time limit.
  • Tennis (4 Courts at University Park, 4 Courts at UREC, 6 Courts at Hillside) Do not adjust, move or sit on the tennis nets. If adjustments are needed, please contact a UREC Staff Member at the Welcome Center. Do not climb fences to retrieve tennis balls. Courts are intended for the sport of tennis only. Hillside Courts may only be used when Varsity teams are not practicing.
  • Pickleball (Available for setup in the Sports Forums) Pickleball is played on a badminton court with the net lowered 34 inches at the center. Equipment is available for checkout at the UREC Equipment Center.

Ball Sports Priority is given to those with prior approved reservations; all other use is on a ­first come basis. There is a two game limit and rotation will be enforced when participants are waiting. Do not adjust, move or hang on goals, nets or baskets. If adjustments are needed, a UREC Staff Member will gladly assist.

  • Volleyball (2 Sand Courts at University Park, Indoor Courts available for setup in UREC MAC Gyms or Sports Forums) 
  • Basketball (8 Indoor Courts in UREC, 2 Outdoor Courts at University Park)Hats and watches must be removed prior to participation. For your safety, all extra apparel, equipment, and personal belongings must be kept in the bench areas. Dunking is permitted, hanging on rims/nets is prohibited. While full-court games are in progress, spectators may not shoot at either basket for the safety of all participants.
  • Soccer (Indoor Courts in UREC MAC 1 and 2, University Park Multi-Purpose Turf) Metal spikes and sunflower seeds are not permitted.
  • Walleyball (Available for setup in UREC Racquetball Courts)
  • Floor Hockey (Available for setup in the UREC MAC 3)
  • Football (University Park Multi-Purpose Turf)

Running, Jogging & Walking

Informal Outdoor Gatherings Priority is given to those with prior approved reservations; all other use is on a first come first serve basis.  Spaces can comfortably accommodate many types of group gatherings.

  • UREC West Courtyard
  • UREC East Courtyard
  • University Park Pavilion
  • Lawn Games (University Park Event Lawn and UREC Equipment Center)

Questions about Informal Recreation can be directed to the Coordinator for Informal Recreation and Youth Programs!

Questions about UREC Equipment Centers? Contact the Assistant Director for Member Services.

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