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Weight Club

The UREC Weight Club is a weight lifiting incentive program that is determined by the sum of the total weight lifted in a one rep max for Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat.

How do I join the Weight Club?
  1. Warm up for the three lifts.
  2. Find the on-duty Fitness Manager in the UREC Fitness Center.
  3. Demonstrate proper lifting technique prior to testing.
  4. Perform the three lifts and the Fitness Manager will determine if a lift is performed correctly.
  5. If the sum total of your one rep max for Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat meet or exceed 400lbs for women and 600lbs for men, then you are now a member of the UREC Weight Club!
What Weight Club levels are there?
  • 400lb Club (Women's entry level)
  • 600lb Club (Men's entry level)
  • 800lb Club
  • 1000lb Club
  • 1200lb Club

All levels will receive a weight club shirt!

What happens next?

All Weight Club members will receive a certificate and a T-shirt and have their names listed on the Weight Club TV ad.

Additional Weight Club information
  • All lifts must be performed with barbells.
  • All lifts must be performed consecutively.
  • Participants may only try out once per month, with a minimum of one week between each trial.

Questions? Contact the Coordinator of Fitness Programs

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