James Madison University Recreation (UREC) was selected as one of Virginia’s 2024 Top Employers for Interns.

UREC's Internship and Practicum program is designed to complement students' classroom instruction with practical learning experiences to fulfill academic requirements. Opportunities are available for the Fall, Spring, and Summer. All majors are welcome. Students who are accepted into the program will have the support of all of us here at UREC to help you be productive and successful in your learning experience. Additional benefits include an on-site supervisor, professional development sessions, and UREC orientation. 

Typically, these opportunities fill early, so if you are interested in a practicum or internship at UREC, plan to apply 4-6 months in advance of your desired start date. If you are a current UREC student employee interested in a practicum or internship, you may apply for placement in an area that is different than your regular position. 

Questions? Please reach out to the Associate Director for UREC Services with any questions!

Now accepting applications for...

UREC is accepting applications for Spring 2025 internships and practicums. Application review will take place on a rolling basis until filled starting August/September 2024.

Applications are no longer being accepted for Summer/Fall 2024 internships or practicums. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist for the Fall, you are welcome to submit an application, cover letter and resume. Fall waitlist applications are only reviewed if an opening becomes available.

How to Apply
  1. Find out what the internship or practicum requirements are for your particular major by speaking with your advisor or practicum/internship course instructor. Direct any questions to the Associate Director for UREC Services (not potential site supervisors) at this stage of the process.

  2. Fill out the online application form: APPLICATION

  3. Email your resume and a cover letter as two attachments (PDF or Microsoft Word only) to urec@jmu.edu.

Apply today!

Opportunities Available

UREC offers practicum and internship experiences for class credit as a part of an academic program over the course of one semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer). In addition to gaining a broader understanding of campus recreation, students will have the opportunity to attend departmental meetings, shadow current staff, network, and meet weekly with a professional staff mentor (site supervisor). 

These UREC practicum and internship experiences are unpaid and are not student employment at UREC. Current UREC student employees may apply for this program in an area different their regular position.

In your application, you will be asked to list the areas you are interested in being placed. There may not be placement availability in certain areas at the time of your application, so selecting more than one area will increase the likelihood of your acceptance into the program.

  • Adventure & TEAM Programs: The student may assist with the operation of the climbing wall, the annual climbing competition, and the logistical support for the adventure programs. The experience may also include an apprenticeship with the trip leader program or team program following an interview.
  • Aquatics & Safety: The student will learn the day to day operations of the aquatics and safety programs, which includes assisting with the Learn to Swim program, education programs, incentive programs, and aquatic facility management. Other program opportunities could include special event planning and program development.
  • Event & Recreation Operations: The student will gain experience in the day-to-day operations of the UREC facility. The individual will assist with drop-in recreation, emergency protocol training, maintenance issues, facility reservations, and special events. 
  • Facilities & Maintenance: The student will gain experience in maintaining, repairing and improving UREC indoor and outdoor facilities and equipment.
  • Fitness: The student will learn the day-to-day operations of all fitness spaces. Responsibilities may include assisting with educational programs, administrative duties, and special events. Students interested in Fitness Assessment and Personal Training may also be trained to assist with these programs. 
  • Group Exercise: The student will gain experience in group exercise and small group training programming. The student may also assist with the group exercise instructor prep course, learn proper evaluation skills, and eventually be able to apply this knowledge to assist in the evaluation of group exercise staff.
  • Intramural Sports: The student will gain knowledge in the day-to-day operations of an intramural sport program and develop leadership skills by helping involve students socially in a sports setting.
  • Marketing: The student will gain knowledge of campus recreation marketing and communications. Students will attend and participate in training sessions, staff meetings and UREC events. Opportunities may include planning marketing events/promotions, creating social media content, designing, editing and/or distribution of various marketing efforts, photographing events, representing UREC at information fairs, and conducting research.
  • Member Services: The student will gain knowledge and experience that will enhance their customer service skills. These students will learn the daily functions of the member services areas in UREC and how they play a role in our participants' and visitors' perception of UREC. Projects may include incentive programs, overall UREC customer service, and management techniques. Lastly, they will develop the ability to handle customer questions and complaints.
  • Nutrition: The student will gain experience in nutrition programming. Responsibilities include assisting with educational programs, administrative duties, and special events. 

UREC offers a Campus Recreation Leadership graduate-level summer internship opportunity, designed for students who are pursuing a career in campus recreation.

This internship has been filled for Summer 2024. 

Interns will gain experience in campus recreation facility supervision, event management, and departmental projects. Each campus recreation leadership intern will be supervised by a member of the UREC Leadership for a comprehensive learning experience. This internship is designed for the interns to develop leadership, service, risk management, and communication skills while making a significant impact on UREC summer operations.

Candidates are required have previous campus recreation employment experience or equivalent, preferably in a leadership position. Current enrollment in a graduate program is preferred (for students midway through a program, or about to begin a program). It is not required to be enrolled at JMU to be eligible for this position.

Work Schedule:

  • Mid May - Late July
  • 20-35 Hours/Week (200-350 hours total over the summer)
  • Weekly schedules will vary. This will include 4 weekends of Facility/Program Supervision (Saturday 11am-4pm and Sunday 4-9pm).

Pay Rate: $15.00/hour 

How to apply: To be considered, complete the UREC Internship/Practicum Application and submit your cover letter and resume to urec@jmu.edu. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are open until filled.

UREC offers three different paid internship opportunities in the youth programs area: Camp Director (graduate-level), Lead Camp Counselors, and Camp Counselors.

These internships have been filled for Summer 2024. 

These internships are designed for students pursuing a career working with youth. Practicum students can also be approved to be paid for Youth Programs with the commitment to work the entire camp summer. Youth program interns will have the opportunity to improve their leadership, communication, risk management, communication, and group facilitation skills. Make a positive difference in the lives of kids in a supportive work environment!

Start Dates:

  • May 29 (Camp Director + Lead Camp Counselors)
  • June 3 (Camp Counselors)
    Camp is not in session 4th of July week, and all Youth Programs staff have that time off.

End Date: August 2

Work Hours:

  • 40 hours per week
  • 8am-5pm weekdays, no evening/weekend requirements

Pay Rates:

  • $15.00/hr for Camp Director
  • $13.75/hr for Lead Camp Counselors
  • $13.25/hr for Camp Counselors
How to apply: To be considered, complete the UREC Internship/Practicum Application and submit your cover letter and resume to urec@jmu.edu. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are open until filled.

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