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In 2015, a group of passionate UREC alumni and current staff began fundraising with a goal of creating a $50,000 UREC Student Employee Scholarship endowment by 2020. The UREC student employee experience is one full of challenge, support, growth, and community. UREC alumni know the positive impact that fully engaging as a student employee can have on one's career and life. Future scholarships awarded annually can help relieve some financial burden for student employees, so that they can continue the tradition of excellence and Motivate Madison into Motion.

From 2016 -2018, over 110 dedicated UREC employee alumni and friends joined the cause and pledged their support over 5 years to continuously donate to the fund. We call this group our wonderful "96ers." (UREC was built in 1996). At UREC's 20th Anniversary in October 2016, over 40 96ers and their families came back to Harrisonburg to present a check to JMU. Over 180 individual donors have made a gift to this fund. 

In January 2018, the Zopp family pledged a lead gift, bringing the fund closer to the $50,000 mark! As of April 2018, the fund has hit $50,000 and interest will begin to accumulate. This interest will provide scholarships annually to one or more student employees each year. Thanks to the continued support of our 96ers, 2019 is the projected year to award the first scholarship! We hope alumni continue supporting the fund beyond $50,000 so that we can make the biggest impact for future student employees!

Fund Progress as of April 2018

Actual Funds Raised: $50,172.13
Minimum Funds Needed to Endow the Scholarship: $50,000
Total Funds Pledged: $92,500

Thank you to all of our donors, especially the UREC 96ers!

Information about scholarship criteria and application deadlines coming Fall 2018!

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