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Camp Dates and Details - Fall 2023

The Marching Royal Dukes 2023 Pre-Season Camp Dates will take place AUGUST 16-22.

Please see below (and menu options to the left) for specifc details about our upcoming season. 

First-Year Orientation

The JMU Band Office works closely with the Office of Orientation to create a schedule that accomodates requirements for both organizations. A detailed summary of what our first-year MRD members will need to attend is posted below. Any questions about specific orientation items can be addressed with the MRD staff or Orientation staff once you arrive to campus.

If you would like additional information regarding your Weeks of Welcome experience, please visit the JMU Office of Orientation.


FIRST-YEAR MRDs - CLICK HERE for a detailed schedule for Weeks of Welcome.

Registering for the Class

ENROLL IN THE CLASS using you MyMadison Account

All members must be registered for the appropriate sections by our first regular rehearsal (Wednesday, August 23, 2023). If you have not registered for MUAP 237/537 by this deadline, you will not be allowed to participate in the Marching Royal Dukes. Unfortunately, there can be no exceptions to this requirement.

RETURNING MEMBERS - MUAP 237, Section 0001:

All returning Wind, Percussion, and Guard members of the Marching Royal Dukes MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0001.

IF YOU HAVE A CLASS CONFLICT: Please download and complete THIS FORM.


DUKETTES - MUAP 237, Section 0002:

All members of the Dukettes Dance Team MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0002.


NEW Members (and current JMU students who have not participated in the MRDs before) - MUAP 237, Section 0003:

All New Wind, Percussion, and Guard members of the Marching Royal Dukes (Freshmen, Transfers, or Current Students who have not participated in MRDs before) MUST be registered for MUAP 237 - Section 0003.

IF YOU HAVE A CLASS CONFLICT: Please download and complete THIS FORM.


GRADUATE Students - MUAP 537 - Section 0001:

All Graduate Students should enroll in MUAP 537 - Section 0001.





If you have any issues with this, please contact Mr. Rikkers during MRD Pre-Season Camp.



If you have another class that meets during the same time/overlaps with MRDs:

  1. Register for the other class first. 
  2. Complete the appropriate override form (linked below) - follow the instructions on the form.
  3. Submit the form to the Office of the Registrar. This will be processed and the class will be added to your schedule automaticaly. 
Parking Information

All students who will have a car on campus must have purchased and properly displayed your new (2023-24) parking permit by WEDNESDAY, August 23.

IF YOU HAVE A VALID 2022-23 permit, you can park accordingly until it epxires.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A JMU PARKING PERMIT, you will need to purchase a Temporary Permit. These can be purchased at the JMU Parking Services Office located at the entrance to the Champions Parking Deck. 

The JMU Band Office will not be responsible for tickets received during camp or the season. 

Please visit for more information.

Additional Information

Please visit the Camp Information pages listed on the menu to the left. Here you will find more specific details about our schedule, housing/meals, instruments/equipemtn/uniforms, and important downloads (music, Mp3, etc.). Once you've reviewd all of that information, if you have additional questions, please email


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