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Flutes/Piccs, Clarinets (soprano and bass), All Saxes, and Trumpets you are expected to provide their own instruments for the season. Woodwind players, be aware that we do rehearse and perform in inclement weather!  Please plan accordingly.

If you play the following instruments: Mellophone, Trombone, Baritone, or Tuba, you will be provided a university instrument for the season. You will need to sign out your MRD Instrument during our Season Registration (WEDNESDAY, August 17 10am-2pm).

INSTRUMENT DISTRIBUTION for wind players will take place at our equipment storage room in the stadium.  

GUARD and PERCUSSION will also be provided with university instruments/equipment to be used for the season. Distribution will take place during the start of camp - details will be communicated by apporpriate staff members. 


All MRD members are expected to provide the appropriate accessories for their instruments. Please plan accordingly and make sure you are prepared not just for MRD Camp, but also for the entire season. Make sure you have proper mouthpieces and/or reeds, valve and/or slide grease, cleaning supplies and instrument cases. 

Mouthpieces are NOT provided.  Individuals using a school-owned instrument must provide their own preferred mouthpiece.

Mellophones must supply a MELLOPHONE mouthpiece - the Yamaha MP14F4 Mouthpiece is recommended. 

Trombones should provide a large-bore mouthpiece. 

Baritones should provide a large-bore mouthpiece - the Yamaha 48 or Bach 6 1/2 AL are recommended.

Tubas should consier the Conn Helleberg mouthpiece or the Bach 24AW.

All MRD Members (except for Flutes/Piccs and Tubas) must provide their own music lyre that will be used while playing with filp folders in the stands on game days. Flip Folders are provided.


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the 2022 MRD Required Items Information for ALL members. 


All MRD Members will be fitted for a uniform during our Pre-Season Camp.  

RETURNING wind/percussion members who want their 2020 uniform back will pick theirs up during MRD Registration on WEDNESDAY, August 17 @ the Forbes Center Loading Dock (10am-2pm).

Returning Members who want a different uniform (from 2020) and all NEW MEMBERS will be fitted for a uniform during camp/the first 2weeks of the season and will need to COMPLETE THE UNIFORM MEASUREMENT FORM below by AUGUST 1. 

Uniform Measurement Form




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