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About the Dukettes

The Dukettes are the official dance team of James Madison University. These dancers are some of the most talented at JMU, and in the United States. The Dukettes are a fast-paced organization, who are model representatives of the values of JMU, and are ambassadors to the school as a whole.

The season for a Dukette begins with summer practices in July and August, where they go through a rigorous preparation for the season and camp. The team attends National Dance Alliance's (NDA) Collegiate Dance Team camp in August, where they learn routines and participate in team bonding exercises.

The Dukettes also partake in the Marching Royal Dukes' Band Camp, which takes place the week before the start of classes. During the regular season, the Dukettes practice Monday through Thursday for 2 hours each day, and on the Fridays of home games with the band during football season.

The team performs during halftime with the Marching Royal Dukes at every home football game. They also perform at every home basketball game, make other appearances, and travel with the MRDs throughout the fall season. These performances include community, university, national, and international events.The essence of the Dukette season is nationals, where they travel to Daytona Beach, Florida to participate in NDA's National Collegiate Dance Championships. 


Please feel free to follow the "JMU Dukettes" on Twitter and Instagram for additional updates. 

Or reach out to the Dukettes Coach, Taylor Kim, via email at 

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