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Percussion Auditions 2024

All prospective MRD Percussion members must submit video audition materials (due June 1, 2024) and attend our in-person audition day (July 6th 2024) in order to be considered for the 2024 MRD Season. Please read below for more information.  

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Important Dates:

Video Submission Deadline
June 1, 2024 by 11:59 PM EST

In-Person Audition Day
July 6th, 2024

Download In-Person Audition Day Info - Coming Soon

NOTE: Both the video submission and in-person audition are required for consideration. If you have a conflict with the in-person date, please e-mail Josh Sheppard ( to discuss your conflict and options for completing the process.

Video Submission Information:

Each prospective member must submit a video audition by 11:59pm on June 1, 2024. Each instrument packet has its own requirements and information, which you can find below. Be sure to read all the information contained in the information packet linked below:

Reference Recordings:

Submitting Your Video:

  1. All videos must be uploaded to YouTube as either public or unlisted video (not private).
  2. Once uploaded, you will use that YouTube link to share your video.
  3. Complete the member survey below and paste the video link when prompted. 

NOTE: If you would like to be considered for multiple instruments, you DO NOT need to upload multiple videos (unless you have a conflict with the in-person audition). 

CLICK HERE - to Access the MRD Percussion Audition Form


**All prospective MRD percussionists must complete the Audition Video Submission by the Deadline of June 1, 2024 AND will also need to fill out the 2024 MRD MEMBERSHIP FORM (prior to the in-person auditions).


If you have specific questions about the audition processes, please feel free to contact our instructors: 

Rick Deloney -
Josh Sheppard -

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