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Winterguard is an indoor version of Colorguard that is performed inside of a gym using flag, rifles, sabres, and dance. JMU's Nuance Winteguard competes almost every weekend from January until the middle of April in the Atlantic Indoor Association (AIA) and Winterguard International (WGI) circuits. Nuance Winterguard has been a medalist, as well as the highest scoring collegiate unit, in the Atlantic Indoor Association for the past 6 years. They also travel to Winterguard International (WGI) competitions throughout the season, including the WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio, to compete on an International level. In 2010, Nuance was a WGI Semi-Finalist at World Championships, and in 2011 the group were WGI Finalists in the Independent A category, placing 9th in the world!

  • AUDITIONS: Auditions take place in October or November to determine who will be on the team.

  • SCHEDULE: Winterguard practices three times per week for approximately two and a half hours each night. Practices will start soon after tryouts and run until mid-April.

  • CONTACT: Please feel free to follow the "JMU Nuance Winterguard" Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or email Color Guard Director, Carly Philp at

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