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Living On Campus

If you live in a JMU residence hall, you will move into your assigned dorm room for the year at band camp. YOU MUST PICK UP YOUR KEYS AND CHECK INTO YOUR DORM BETWEEN 12:00 PM AND 2:45 PM ON SUNDAY, AUGUST 18.

Click here to view the Early Arrival Information for Residence Hall Move-In


Living Off Campus

If you are living off campus during the 2019-20 school year, there will be no housing provided for you on campus during band camp. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. Please plan accordingly, and make sure your housing complex/landlord is aware that you will need to move in by Sunday, August 18. If necessary, the band office will provide a note for your landlord in order to indicate the need for you to move in by August 18.

Camp Meals

Meals will begin at dinner on Sunday, August 18. For freshmen with a JMU meal plan, meals will be provided through lunch on Tuesday, August 20 (then your regular plan begins at dinner). For all others, meals will be provided through dinner on Friday, August 23. Please remember, freshmen will begin to use their semester meal plans via their JAC Card beginning at dinner on Tuesday, August 20 and upperclassmen will begin to use their semester meal plans at brunch on Saturday, August 24. 

If family and friends wish to dine with you on the first day of camp, they can purchase a meal ticket at D-Hall upon arrival. 

If you register to come to band camp, but do not show up at camp or you quit the MRD's for any reason during band camp or before the end of the semester, you will be charged for all meals during band camp week. 

If you are made an alternate, you are considered to be a part of the Marching Royal Dukes and will be required to pay for the meals if you decide to quit band. Once we submit our camp roster to dining services, we must pay for all of your meals that week. The cost of your meals will be charged to your account if you quit band. If this is not paid by December 15, 2019, a hold will be put on your records. If you quit band for a medical reason, you must have a signed medical note from your physician explaining the condition and restrictions. 


Regular JMU Parking Regulations will be in effect during MRD Camp (see insert in camp mailing). All students who will have a car on campus must have purchased and properly displayed your new parking permit by Monday, August 19. If you plan to have a car on campus but will not be registering it during the season, you must purchase a temporary permit PRIOR TO BAND CAMP at the JMU Parking Services Office located at the entrance to the stadium parking deck. THE JMU BAND OFFICE WILL NOT BE REPONSIBLE FOR TICKETS RECEIVED DURING CAMP/THE SEASON.

Please visit for more information. Parking services will be open 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

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