This guide is meant to supplement the university brand guide, focusing specifically on social media content creation. It is NOT a replacement for the official university brand standards, but a breakdown of the aspects that are most applicable to social media.

This guide is intended for social media administrators, social media content creators and social media marketing partners running JMU-affiliated social media accounts, such as those affiliated with JMU colleges, programs and departments.

For administrators, staff or faculty members looking for guidance on maintaining personal or professional social media profiles, please contact the Office of University Communications (

Contact & consult

University Communications is here to help with your social media efforts. We meet with colleges, departments, offices and organizations looking to start or maintain social media presences. We can help establish social media strategies and brainstorm tactics with you. We can also can answer quick questions and help troubleshoot. Let us know what's going on by emailing and we will follow up with you!

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