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Getting started

Email marketing is a vital part of communication efforts at JMU. More than any other channel, email is a valuable tool for reaching and engaging your audience.

Wait, isn't email dead? Definitely not, and email isn't going anywhere for a long time. Email presents a high return on investment and converts 3x better than social media.

Training and Support

Email is hard work, but you have support! 

Business Applications Training can help with:

  • Initial Training
  • Getting around the iModules interface
  • "How to" build an email
  • Images/logos (resizing/placing)
  • "Bring your own work" sessions for help
  • Creating a sender identity (info that prepopulates the users footer)

Digital Marketing can help with:

  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Best practices for:
    • Subject lines/preheaders
    • Readability/Usability
    • "From" names
  • Audience behavior
  • Email calendar (when to send)
  • Creating, testing, & updating templates
  • Releasing

However we can't do it all for you, so here is what you are responsible for:

  • Building the email
  • Reaching out to Laura for training help/questions
  • Recipient list retrieval and uploads
  • Schedule a "Bring your own work" session if and when needed to build your upcoming email with Laura’s assistance
  • Learning from the online documentation
  • Writing copy, subject lines, preheaders
  • Linking to external URLs appropriately
  • Adhering to the Email Quality Checklist
  • Filling out the email release form when your email is complete and you are ready to schedule a release date

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