Templates are the starting point for building any email in iModules. In this section, we will review how to select and apply a template to your email.

Template Options

There are 3 general email templates from which you may choose to start building your email. Templates include placeholder text and images that can be easily edited according to your desired content. 



Newsletter - Ultra Lite


Newsletter - Two Column


Select a Template

  1. In the Email Drafts section, find your email and click the Build From Template link.
  2. In the dropdown menu, select your desired template. 
  3. Click the View Template button to open a preview of the selected template in a new window to make sure it is the template you want to use.

    NOTE: Once you click "Next", you will be locked into this template and will not be able to pick a different one.

  4. Click "Next" to use the selected template and move to the Edit Content step.

In the next section, we will review how to edit placeholder content and add new content elements to your email.

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