Sending an email preview is the best way for you and others to proof your work before releasing your email.

  1. Open your email in the Email Builder. (Open the Email builder from Drafts, by clicking "Edit Content".)

  2. Click the "More Options" drop down menu in the top right corner and select "Preview".

  3. The Email Preview window will open where you can adjust the following settings for your preview:
    • Reply To: If someone replies to your email preview, this is the address that will receive the reply.
    • Add Recipients: You send an email preview to yourself or up to 20 recipients. To add more recipients, type in their email and click the "Add" button. 
    • Populate Sender Tokens from Selected Sender: This is the Sender Identity information that will populate in your email. DO NOT adjust this setting for your preview.
    • Comments to Preview Recipients: Add any additional comments to appear at the top of your preview email. 

  4. Click "Send Preview". In a few moments, you should receive the preview of your email. Email previews will have "Preview:" in the subject line.

We recommend previewing your email while reviewing the Email Quality Checklist.


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