Request Access to iModules

The University uses iModules to communicate with external audiences of JMU, including alumni, donors, community members, etc. If you wish to email internal audiences (current students, faculty and/or staff), please contact Barry King to discuss whether using iModules is advised for your communication. 

You may request access to iModules by contacting and Barry King. Barry will help with your initial account set up and Laura will conduct your initial training.

Training and Support

Email is hard work, but you have support! 

Business Applications Training can help with:

  • Initial Training
  • Getting around the iModules interface
  • "How to" build an email
  • Images/logos (resizing/placing)
  • "Bring your own work" sessions for help
  • Creating a sender identity (info that prepopulates the users footer)

Digital Marketing can help with:

  • Analytics/Reporting
  • Best practices for:
    • Subject lines/preheaders
    • Readability/Usability
    • "From" names
  • Audience behavior
  • Email calendar (when to send)
  • Creating, testing, & updating templates
  • Releasing

However we can't do it all for you, so here is what you are responsible for:

  • Building the email
  • Reaching out to Laura for training help/questions
  • Recipient list retrieval and uploads
  • Schedule a "Bring your own work" session if and when needed to build your upcoming email with Laura’s assistance
  • Learning from the online documentation
  • Writing copy, subject lines, preheaders
  • Linking to external URLs appropriately
  • Adhering to the Email Quality Checklist
  • Filling out the email release form when your email is complete and you are ready to schedule a release date

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