Color is an important tool for creating visual brand consistency. Primary, secondary and accent palettes have been identified for use in all applications. The consistent use of these colors will infuse communications materials with a stronger sense of the James Madison University’s brand identity.

RGB Colors

(For web, video, social media, etc)



Web Color Rules

  • Never put Purple with Marigold
  • Never use tints of the Red or Marigold accent colors
  • Red is only used for inline icons, warnings, link hover, etc.
  • Blue and Green may be used as background color border banner
  • Never combine Purple or Gold with Green, Blue, or Marigold
  • Never use Red or Marigold as a background color

Web Color Balance
The overall ratio of color on a page should be about:

  • 60% White space and grey
  • 30% Brand Colors
  • 10% Secondary Colors
  • 5% Accent Colors

HEX Codes (for copy/paste)

  • JMU Purple: #450084
  • Mid Purple: #B599CE
  • Light Purple: #DACCE6
  • JMU Gold: #CBB677
  • Dark Gold: #AD9C65
  • Light Gold: #F4EFE1
  • Slate: #333333
  • Dark Gray: #595959
  • Gray: #B2B2B2
  • Light Gray: #D6D6D6
  • Green: #5F791C
  • Bright Green: #ADCC23
  • Pale Green: #DEEBA7
  • Blue: #3C738B
  • Bright Blue: #5498B6
  • Pale Blue: #D2EBF5
  • Red: #A4232B
  • Marigold: #FFBD00

CMYK Colors

(For print)



Print Color Rules

  • Marigold will continue to be used on the Unleashed fundraising campaign until June 30, 2022.

PMS Colors

When spot colors are requested or required, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are to be used.

CMYK Colors

Process colors (CMYK) can reproduce the Pantone colors closely, although not identically, by specifying the percentages of the four separations that make up the color.

Web text and background color combinations (HEX values)

These combinations are approved, do not use combinations that are not shown here because of contrast issues and legibility.

Background colors with text color #33333


Background colors with text color #450084


Background colors with text color #FFFFFF


Background colors with text color #595959


* Only with "Large Text". Large text is defined as 18.66px and bold or larger, or typically 24px or larger.

Text colors on background color white (#FFFFFF)


Background colors with text color #CBB677


H2 & H3 only: background colors with text color #FFFFFF


H2 & H3 only: text colors on background color white (#FFFFFF)

Keeping color accurate (ASE files)

If you use Adobe products, the easy way to have all the exact colors at your fingertips is to import one of JMU’s ASE files. ASE stands for Adobe Swatch Exchange, and that is just what we are doing - handing you the JMU color builds as already saved Swatches.

  1. Download the JMU ASE files. There are two: one for CMYK (print) and one for RGB (screens).
  2. Go to the Swatches panel in your Adobe software product.
  3. Use the flyout menu on the Swatches panel to select Open Swatch Library > Other Library... and navigate to your .ase file. In some products you may see Import Swatches... or Load Swatches... 
  4. Make sure you choose the .ase file that is appropriate for the item that you will be creating -- CMYK for anything that will be printed, or RGB for anything viewed on a screen. Several of JMU’s colors are not simply straight conversions from one to the other so this is important.
Web button and background color combinations

Purple buttons can be used with light purples, gray and gold background colors; yellow buttons work with light purple backgrounds, gray and gold, and the lightest secondary shades. Do not put the buttons on any other background color than these: 

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