How often should emails be sent?

There's no formulaic answer to the problem of frequency. It comes down to your audience, and your content. 

It's simple to base frequency on what's sustainable for you and your content. You may not have time to compose weekly newsletters, so monthly/quarterly/semester-ly are good options. Other emails, can be sent on a schedule that's based off of what the email is about; a giving email can be sent during the campaign, an annoouncement can be sent when it is timely, an informational email can go when registration opens, etc.

If you do increase frequency, keep an eye on your unsubscribes and open rates; reduce frequency if the data indicates that you're annoying your readers. But, you don't want to send so infrequently that your readers forget about you.

Are there best days/times to send?

Almost all JMU emails are sent M-F during business hours. You can send at other times if you have good reason too. Think through your content and what makes sense for your audience. Make it timely for the action you are asking them to take.

If you want to read more about the science of choosing send times, this article is informative:


Make your email easy to scan. Incorporate images, headlines, bulleted lists.

Are there options besides JMU Informational Email? 

If you are emailing an audience that is outside of JMU (such as Alumni) you may use iModules. If your department elects to use another service provider (Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.) follow the guidelines and recommendations for email in the Brand Guide.  

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