You may withdraw from the Honors College at any time. Credits earned through the Honors College will remain on your transcript. If you are unsure about your decision, please contact the Honors Advisor to schedule an appointment to discuss your concerns.

Withdraw from Honors: Tracks I and II

Withdrawing from Tracks I or II requires completion of the following steps:

  1. Log onto MyMadison and drop the Honors Interdisciplinary Studies minor. 
  2. Submit the Honors College withdrawal form.
Withdraw from Honors: Track III

Withdrawing from Track III requires completion of the following:

Student Fee Refund

A refund of the current semester’s Honors College fee can be requested from the Honors College under the following circumstances:

  1. The student has officially withdrawn from the Honors College before the free drop period ends.
  2. The student drops all honors courses during the free drop period for that semester.

Students should consult the appropriate schedule of classes for specific dates.

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