How This GPA Calculator Can Be Used

This calculator will help you make an overall GPA prediction for your academic career at JMU based off of your current GPA and your estimated (or actual) performance for one semester. Here are some tips for using it:

  • The 'Course Number' field is not required, but helpful for keeping track of which courses you are entering.
  • The 'Credit Hours' and 'Grade Expected/Received' fields are required for calculation.  Any course that does not contain both values will not be factored into the calculation.
  • If you are repeating a course but not using the repeat/forgive option, enter it just like a non-repeated course.
  • If you are planning to make use of the repeat/forgive option, you must also enter the grade you received previously in order to have it calculated correctly.
  • Use the '+' and '-' buttons in the 'Add/Subtract Row' column as needed.
  • The maximum number of courses that can be calculated is 12.
  • It may be helpful have access to your grade report on MyMadison for numbers related to your current Cumulative GPA.
Course Name Credit Hours Grade Expected/Received Taken as Repeat/Forgive? Add/Remove Row
Semester GPA Repeat/Forgive Count Cumulative GPA

Calculating Your Grade Point Average

A grade point average, or GPA, is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points you've earned (sometimes called 'quality points') by the total number of credit hours you've attempted during a given period.  The amount of grade points you earn per course is equal to the number of credits the course is worth times the number of points your received/expected grade is worth.  Look at the chart below to figure how much each grade is worth.

Grades marked with an '*' do not contribute to GPA. See below for details
Grade Points per Credit Hour Grade Points per Credit Hour
A 4.000 D 1.000
A- 3.700 D- 0.700
B+ 3.300 F 0.000
B 3.000 CR* 0.000
B- 2.700 NC* 0.000
C+ 2.300 W* 0.000
C 2.000 WP* 0.000
C- 1.700 WF* 0.000
D+ 1.300 I* 0.000

Coursework That Doesn't Factor In

Remember that certain grades will have no impact on your GPA. Getting a 'W', 'WP', or 'WF' by withdrawing from a class will not affect your GPA, and won't add to your total number of credits. Similarly, getting an 'I', or incomplete, for a course will also not contribute to your GPA. When that incomplete is changed to the final grade you'll receive for the course, it will be retroactively computed into your GPA.

Lastly, be aware that courses taken as credit/no credit (CR/NC) will also not be factored into your GPA as that option is meant to encourage academic exploration in subjects of interest without adding pressure.

Final Considerations

If you have questions about the calculation of your GPA, you should speak with your advisor or look in the appropriate student catalog for the year you entered JMU.

If you would simply like to determine your semester GPA, you could zero out the values in the "Cumulative" table above and calculate as normal, or you could use the simpler form found on the semester GPA calculator pageTo figure out how well you'd need to do in the future to raise or maintain your GPA, use the GPA goal setting calculator.

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