Projecting Your Future GPA

Use this calculator to help plan out how you can raise or maintain your GPA.  You will need to have access to your grade report found on MyMadison to get the numbers related to your current GPA.

Current Progress
Potential Future Plans

Understanding Your GPA

No matter what your goal is, you should do your best to understand how grades work at JMU, the options available to you as you enroll in and progress through your courses, as well as the policies that may affect your academic career. This form can help you with the mathematical component of where you stand, but it's ultimately up to you to understand what it all means.

For the most accurate information, you should read the academic policies and procedures listed in the appropriate course catalog for when you entered JMU. If you still need help understanding something, meet with your academic advisor to discuss your options.

If you want to find out what 'GPA' means and how it is determined, or if you want to calculate what your GPA might be this semester, try the semester GPA calculator. To calculate how your performance this semester could affect your overall GPA, use the cumulative GPA calculator.

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