Honors First Year Experience (HON 100) is required for all incoming Track I Honors first year students. HON 100 is a one credit, credit/no credit course that meets once each week in the fall semester. 

As an introductory experience in the Honors College, this course exposes first year students to Honors activities and goals, high impact university learning practices, and Honors curricular requirements. It also introduces leadership, research, study abroad, and service opportunities so that they can begin planning their unique set of Honors experiences proactively. Overall, students examine their personal and educational goals and participate in reflection that expresses itself in scholar-citizenship and community engagement.

Teaching fellows form the core of the Honors First Year Experience. Each section of the course is taught by two upper-level Honors students who are supervised and trained by Honors College faculty. Each team of TFs develops lesson plans, delivers course content, facilitates classroom discussion, and introduces the purposes and goals of Honors education. Teaching fellows grow as educators, mentors, and leaders. 

Teaching fellows earn 3.0 hours of HON 300 seminar credit. TF teams teach two 50 minute sections of HON 100 each week. They also participate in a TF teaching seminar taught by Honors faculty members every Friday morning.

Serving as a TF will count as a practicum experience for students in all areas of emphasis--though pursuing an area of emphasis is NOT required to be a TF.

Fall 2023 Details

We are seeking 26 Teaching Fellows for Fall 2023. HON 100 class sizes are no larger than 20 students per section.

Fall 2023 Application

Deadline: March 31, 2023

Please send a cover letter and resume to Dr. Alysia Davis.

Finalists may be asked to attend group interviews during the week of April 3-7, 2023.

Selection Criteria

The Honors College is committed to selecting a diverse group of teaching fellows who, collectively, reflect a broad range of experiences, academic interests, backgrounds, and perspectives. We are especially interested in participation by first generation students and historically underrepresented minorities.

Strong applicants will possess a combination of several of the following qualifications:

  • Academic success as demonstrated by high GPA
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral)
  • Unique experiences or perspectives
  • Prior or current engagement in research, creative endeavor, leadership, civic participation, or community service
  • Commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the Honors College
  • Empathy and interest in helping others
  • Passion for learning and taking advantage of educational opportunities

We are looking for students who demonstrate the potential to:

  • Serve as an effective teacher-mentor
  • Lead a class discussion
  • Articulate the value of an Honors education
  • Foster a culture of community, diversity, and inclusion
  • Work collaboratively with others
  • Actively listen and empathize with others
  • Become leaders in and outside of the classroom
  • Conduct themselves with dignity and treat others with respect
  • Represent the Honors College with passion and integrity

Preference is given to students who:

  • will be juniors and seniors, but strong applications from rising sophomores will also be considered
  • can commit to attending additional activities and events in the first semester that involve first year students

Prior teaching experience is NOT required.

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