A third year Honors student who has completed the first two courses in an area completes the Area of Emphasis by enrolling in a 1-3 credit practicum in either the fall or spring semester. The practicum is a self-designed, experiential learning project that enables students to further develop skills in the selected area. These experiences are student driven and are often, though not necessarily, extensions of the second semester experience. The practicum can be an individual or collaborative project. Collaborative projects can include participants from multiple areas.

A faculty mentor, who will also serve as the instructor of record, will supervise the practicum. The Practicum Application Form and Proposal should be submitted for approval to the Honors College by the stated deadline.

Global studies practicum opportunites: The Honors College partners with the Center for Global Engagement to offer several opportunities to fulfill the global studies practicum requirement. More information.

Practicum proposal guidelines

The practicum proposal should include:

  1. A clear and well-documented description of the specific topic(s) or issue(s) that your practicum will address.
  2. A statement of the overall goal(s) of the practicum along with specific and measurable objectives.
  3. An explanation of how the practicum meets the specific learning objectives for your area of emphasis.
  4. Clearly defined action steps to meet the objectives of your practicum.
  5. A timeline for completing the action steps.
  6. A specification of resource needs and how these will be obtained.
  7. A specification of anticipated outcomes and products.
  8. If seeking more than one credit for the practicum, a justification for additional credits.
  9. Signature of faculty mentor.

The practicum will be graded as credit/no credit.

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