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 I have already completed most—or all—of my General Education coursework. How can I satisfy the 6 credits of Honors General Education?

You may petition the Honors College for permission to take Honors seminar courses (HON 200 and 300) instead of Honors General Education courses.

 I'm entering Honors through the Track II admissions process--does that mean I have different credit requirements in Honors?

No, all Honors Scholars complete the same set of requirements, regardless of when you are admitted to Honors. If you have already completed most or all of your General Education requirements, you can petition the Honors College to take Honors seminars instead.

 I am a transfer student and took honors courses at my previous institution. Can I apply these towards my JMU Honors requirements?

Most likely, yes. Contact the Director of Honors Advising for more information.

 Are Honors classes harder than other classes?

No, Honors classes are not structured to be harder or more work than other classes at JMU. Rather, they are different and better: small, discussion-based, interactive, and unique. On balance, students perform just as well, if not better, in Honors classes than non-Honors classes.

 Do all my courses need to be in the Honors College?

No! You will average about one Honors course per semester.

 Am I required to complete an Area of Emphasis?

No, Areas of Emphasis are a unique opportunity to gain a concentration in a particular interdisciplinary area but are not required.

 Can Honors seminars satisfy the diversity and experiential learning requirements?

If you are taking an Honors seminar that reflects the goals and intention of the diversity or research and experiential learning requirement, you may petition the Honors College to direct the course to this requirement.

 What happens if I want to change my major?

In most cases, changing your major will have minimal effect on your Honors curriculum and coursework. However, some majors (such as Nursing, Biology, and the BBA degree majors in business) have special course pathways in Honors. Contact the Director of Honors Advising to discuss a potential major change.

 Can I double major and be in Honors?

Yes! Many Honors Scholars have two majors and in most cases this will not effect your progress in Honors. Discuss double majoring with the Director of Honors Advising.

 Can I use any JMU study abroad program to fulfill the research/experiential learning requirement?

Yes! Any JMU study abroad program of at least 3 credits will satisfy this requirement. The study abroad program does not have to be in Honors.
Honors Capstone Project

 I am double major. Do I have to complete an Honors project in both majors?

No, you will only complete one Honors capstone project in the major of your choosing.

 Can I complete both an Honors thesis and Senior Portfolio Project?

Yes! This is encouraged. If you choose to work on both, the 3 credits your receive for the Senior Portfolio Project (HON 401 and 402) can satisfy either Honors elective credits or the Experiential Learning requirement.

 Which capstone project pathway receives "with distinction" on my academic record?

Students who complete an Honors thesis will receive "with distinction" in the major or minor program the project is completed in. Senior Portfolio Projects do not confer "with distinction."

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