The first step in being successful in the Hospitality management program is understanding how important leadership experience and work experience is to your education, and ultimately, your ability to achieve a job post-graduation.  We have multiple student organizations affiliated with the Hospitality Management program that will assist in you gaining leadership experience.  In addition, James Madison University has over 300 student led organizations where you can learn to grow as a person, and leader.  Take advantage of those opportunities.

With respect to work experience, we have two courses that insure you will have at least 1,000 hours of experience in the hospitality industry.  The first, HM 310, requires you to have 600 hours of industry experience in any hospitality management position.  The second, HM 402, is a 400-hour internship requirement that you will fulfill during the summer prior to your senior year.  We cannot stress enough, how important work experience is to your success.

Student Resources

JMU provides resources for student success to help meet these new requirements. Don't forget! JMU faculty are here to help students succeed. Visit your advisor and professors early and often, during office hours or by appointment, for extra help. Also, tutoring, study workshops, and other resources are easily accessible online and through their on-campus offices.  The following are gateways to these student resources:

Other Resources

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