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Business minor

One of the requirements for your SRM degree is the successful completion of the General Business minor, which gives you a solid business background and a competitive edge in your career. The General Business minor must be declared through MyMadison.

Entrepreneurship minor

If part of your career dream includes starting your own business, the College of Business offers the exciting entrepreneurship minor, which can be combined with any major to develop the knowledge and skills needed to drive new venture creation. If you are accepted into the entrepreneurship minor program, it will substitute for your General Business minor requirement.


Traditional Pathway

Freshman Year

  • SRM 202: Foundations of Leadership in Sport and Recreation 
  • SRM 240: Sport and Recreation Management 
  • General Education

Sophomore Year

  • SRM 241: Introduction to Sport and Recreation Management 
  • SRM 242: Sociology and Psychology of Sport and Recreation 
  • SRM 282: Practicum in Sport and Recreation 
  • Minor courses (2)
  • General Education 

Junior Year

  • SRM 333: Management in Sport and Recreation 
  • SRM 337: Programming and Assessment in Sport and Recreation Management 
  • Minor courses (2)
  • Major elective 
  • Quantitative Requirement for Bachelor of Science (any 3-credit math in addition to Gen Ed)
  • General Education and/or University Electives

Senior Year

  • SRM 434: Ethical and Legal Issues in Sport and Recreation Management 
  • SRM 435: Sport Marketing and Sales
  • SRM 436: Facilities and Event Management
  • SRM 482: Internship in Sport and Recreation 
  • Minor courses (2)
  • Major electives (2)
  • University Electives and/or Scientific Literacy Requirement 

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