Your entrepreneurial spirit can drive innovation, and the entrepreneurship minor can help get you there by providing the business knowledge and skills necessary for successful new venture creation. Combine this minor with any major on campus except management and take your passion to new levels of success.

This page is not intended as a substitute for the catalog.
Please consult with your advisor and the catalog for the year in which you were admitted.


Admission is competitive and limited to a maximum of 30 students per cohort. A completed application form which includes an unofficial transcript and essay questions on the applicant’s entrepreneurial experience and goals are required to apply.

Applications for the minor will be accepted in fall, from 10/1 - 10/18, and spring, from 3/2 - 3/20. Accepted applicants will be notified prior to registration.

Required Courses
  • MGT 310 - Business Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs (non-CoB majors)
  • COB 300A - Integrated Business Functions - MGT, CoB majors
  • MGT 320 - Management of Innovation and Technology
  • MGT 471 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • MGT 472 - New Venture Creation

No transfer credit will be accepted.

  • ACTG 244* - Accounting for Non-Business Majors
  • FIN 345* - Finance Fundamentals for Non-Business Majors
  • MKTG 380 - Principles of Marketing (Non-Business Majors)
  • ENGR 498 - Advanced Topics in Engineering: Innovation, Realization or Social Entrepreneurship
  • ENG 390 - The Environmental Imagination (English Majors)
  • MGT 340 - International Management
  • MGT 365 - Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • CIS 204 - Computer Information System Fundamentals for Non-Business Majors
  • ECON 201 - Introduction to Microeconomics
  • ECON 200 - Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ISAT/ENGR 480 - Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Europe
  • THEA 488 - Alternative Performance

*Required for Hart School students.

NOTE: Elective courses may not be offered every semester, may have prerequisites, or require you to have declared a specific major. Check the most recent course catalog for details. 

Students may request permission to count two three-credit electives from their major as their ENTP electives. These courses must be related to innovation and/or entrepreneurship, and must be approved by the ENTP Minor Coordinator.


Chris Roeder
(540) 568-3143 


Declaration Process

After acceptance into the minor program, students in good academic standing should submit a declaration of minor request via MyMadison.

Graduation Requirement

The entrepreneurship minor requires a minimum 2.0 GPA for graduation on all courses completed at JMU. Transfer credit is not calculated in the GPA.

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