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Accounting Faculty
Alex Gabbin - 2021

Dr. Alexander L. Gabbin

Director and Professor, Accounting; KPMG Professorship

Nancy Nichols

Dr. Nancy B. Nichols

Director, M.S. in accounting program; Journal of Accounting Education Research Professor

Molly Brown - 2021

Ms. Molly G. Brown

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs; Lecturer, Accounting


Ms. Kimberley A. Foreman

Associate Dean for Human Resources and Administration

Charles Bailey

Dr. Charles Bailey

Professor, Accounting; Jackson E. Ramsey Centennial Chair in Business

Luis Betancourt - No Photo Available

Dr. Luis Betancourt

Professor, Accounting, BDO Faculty Scholar

John Briggs - No Photo Available

Dr. John W. Briggs

Associate Professor, Accounting; RSM Faculty Scholar

Ted Browning

Mr. Espey 'Ted' Browning

Executive Lecturer, Accounting

Paul Copley - No Photo Available

Dr. Paul Copley

Professor, Accounting, RSM Faculty Scholar

Heidi Derstine

Ms. Heidi Derstine

Lecturer, Accounting

Andy Duxbury

Dr. Andy Duxbury

Assistant Professor, Accounting; Grant Thornton Faculty Scholar

Susan Ferguson - No Photo Available

Ms. Susan Q. Ferguson

Instructor, Accounting

David Hayes

Dr. David C. Hayes

Professor, Accounting; Deloitte Faculty Scholar

James Irving

Dr. James Irving

Associate Professor, Accounting; Keiter Faculty Scholar

Leah Kratz - 2021

Ms. Leah Kratz

Lecturer, Accounting

Rebekah Moore

Dr. Rebekah Moore

Assistant Professor, Accounting; DHG Faculty Scholar

Matthew Reidenbach

Dr. Matthew Reidenbach

Assistant Professor, Accounting; Hantzmon Wiebel, LLP Faculty Scholar

Bob Richardson

Dr. Robert C. Richardson

Associate Professor, Accounting; Calibre Faculty Scholar

Irana Scott - No Photo Available

Dr. Irana Scott

Associate Professor, Accounting; RFC Faculty Scholar

Eileen Shifflett

Ms. Eileen Shifflett

Lecturer, Accounting; Veris Consulting Scholar


Dr. Nicole Wright

Assistant Professor, Accounting; Cherry Bekaert Faculty Scholar

Accounting Staff
Krista Dofflemyer - No Photo Available

Ms. Krista Dofflemyer

Administrative Assistant, Finance and Accounting

Anne McGuigan - 2021

Ms. Anne M. McGuigan

Academic Advisor for Accounting (sophomores) and Economics; Advising and Support Center

Amanda Reedy - 2021

Ms. Amanda Reedy

Advisor, Accounting and M.S. in Accounting Program

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