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There are many ways to engage with the department, but they all have one common thread—the direct connection with students and the chance to draw on your career experience to add dimension to their classroom learning. From one-on-one mentoring to guest speaking or hosting a visit to your workplace, you can find a way to engage that fits your schedule and leverages your expertise.

Start bringing student career dreams into focus by contacting academic unit head Alexander Gabbin or Sam Collier from the Office of Professional Development and Engagement.

Share your expertise while providing feedback to students’ ideas and business projects as they demonstrate their skills during class presentations or competitions.

Get in front of students while contributing a valuable component to their education. You can share your career journey, business success and industry insights with them in undergraduate or MBA classrooms, at a student organization meeting or at a collegewide event.

Leverage your JMU passion and professional networks by becoming a mentor. Join the private JMU College of Business Career Mentor Network on LinkedIn to connect with other JMU alumni and students.  Provide invaluable career advice and guidance from the business world to those seeking to develop their networking skills, explore their career options and develop their knowledge of industry news and trends.

Company visit host - Show students what your organization has to offer. By inviting student groups to your place of business, you provide an important opportunity for them to identify career paths and learn more about industry sectors. Reach out to Sam Collier for more information.

Networking event host - Host a networking event in collaboration with the Dean’s office to meet our students and help them to develop and hone their networking skills. This may include providing a venue or catering for the event. Reach out to Brooke Goolsby for more information.

New Hires: Reach out to JMU's University Career Center office for your personnel recruitment needs. Gain career-ready students who assimilate more quickly than their peers, exceed the average tenure and work well in teams. Meet short-term employment needs with highly skilled interns from a specific degree field or academic interest.

Current employees: Be an advocate for JMU while helping your employees--or yourself--develop potential and deliver refined skills to your company’s efforts by supporting their graduate studies in programs like the JMU MBA Programs. Reach out to for more information.

Advisory committees and boards play a vital role in ensuring our graduates are prepared for the needs of today’s rapidly evolving world. Developing tomorrow’s leaders requires real-world insight from the organizations that hire them.

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Support student scholarships, college programs or faculty research. Regardless of your giving priorities, we have a match for you.

Faculty Scholars

Annual Faculty Scholars are awarded by businesses generally through marketing funds. They support individual faculty members chosen by the dean of the College of Business and department heads.

  • Veris: Ms. Eileen Shifflett
  • Johnson and Lambert: Mr. Ted Browning
  • BDO: Dr. Luis Betancourt 
  • DHG: Dr. Rebekah Moore
  • Grant Thornton: Dr. Andy Duxbury
  • Hantzmon Weibel: Dr. Matt Reidenbach
  • Deloitte: Dr. David Hayes
  • Keiter:  Dr. Jim Irving
  • Calibre: Dr. Robert Richardson
  • Robinson Farmer: Dr. Irana Scott
  • Cherry Bekaert: Dr. Nicole Wright
  • RSM: Dr. Paul Copley 
Accounting Support Funds
Fund Description
Accounting Excellence Fund Provide the resources to enhance JMU's excellence in preparing accounting graduates for successful careers.
Hantzmon, Wiebel and Company Faculty Fellowship Award a notable faculty member and help them further their professional and educational goals.
Johnson Lambert and Company Beta Alpha Psi Faculty Fellowship Help faculty establish education to prepare students for a future in their industry.
KPMG Accounting Professorship Contribute to the future of professional and prepared students by supporting an accounting professor.
PBMares Fellowship Help faculty in the College of Business further and perform their educational and professional duties.
Robinson, Farmer, Cox Educational Foundation's Faculty Fellowship Support Accounting faculty working to advance programs to create strong educated and professional business students.
VERIS Consulting Faculty Fellowship Partner with VERIS Consulting and Beta Alpha Psi to support a faculty member.
Accounting Scholarship Support the academic and career goals of deserving students pursuing a degree in Accounting.
Michael Matthew Brown Memorial Scholarship Established by Delta Sigma Pi, support an outstanding accounting student and honor Michael Matthew Brown
Accounting Faculty Development Fund Contribute to the research, teaching, and professional development of JMU's dedicated Accounting faculty
Calibre CPA Group Faculty Fellowship Provide contributions to Calibre CPA Group for a faculty fellowship.

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