January Institute 2020

Critical Mentoring: Engaging Diverse Student Participation in Research (Institute)

An intensive full-day, application-based institute.

Thu, Jan 9th, 9 AM- 4 PM in Rose 3311

Application deadline Wed 12/4 at 12:00 PM.

January Institute 2020 will address persistent disparities and inequity in higher education; it will focus on the need for a critical framework to understand and to move the academy into a space that acknowledges, sustains, and thrives off equitable engagement.

Guest scholar from Elon University, Dr. Longmire-Avital, will present a synergistic framework for critically mentoring historically underrepresented minority (HURM) students in student research, drawing from her experience mentoring both undergraduate and graduate students. This reparative framework has three main components:

  1. intentional representation and recruitment;
  2. inclusive critical consciousness; and
  3. student generated signature work that is both transportable and capital building for future success within the institution and beyond.

Four areas of consideration for best practices will emerge from this framing:

  1. the mentor’s reflection on the dynamic positionality that occurs in a mentored student research engagement;
  2. integrating a community cultural wealth model to evaluate, contextually, HURM student ability and readiness for student research participation;
  3. viewing student generated signature work from HURMS, as a reparative practice for historical inequity in higher educational spaces; and
  4. fostering self-care and career development through collaborative student partnerships.

The goal of this framework is the sustained equity for HURM engagement in High Impact Practices, specifically undergraduate research. Finally, participants will explore the challenges to adopting this framework and institutional structures that can either support or challenge these resulting best practices.

Facilitator: Buffie Longmire-Avital, Ph. D., Associate Professor, Psychology, and Center for Engaged Learning Scholar, Elon University.

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This Institute is financially co-sponsored by the JMU Center for Faculty Innovation, the Office of Research and Scholarship, and the Graduate School.  

Faculty Writing Studio

Thu Jan 9, 9 AM-12 PM and/or 1-4 PM in Rose Library 4th floor study space

Need the time and space to advance or complete a scholarship project? This session provides an opportunity for faculty members who desire time and structure to focus on academic writing. Join colleagues in a common space, who will be independently working on their scholarship and leave with a productive start to your spring semester. Please bring your own laptop computers. Free lunch is available to you this day (see below); be sure to register for the January Scholarship Networking Lunch.

Scholarly Networking Lunch

Thu Jan 9, 12-1 PM in Rose Library 3rd floor flex space

This networking lunch will serve as a community-building event. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss their academic interests, interesting scholarly questions, and their compelling scholarly projects while they share a meal with colleagues from across campus.

Use the general registration link to sign up for Faculty Writing Studio ro the Scholarly Networking Lunch. Participants in the Critical Mentorship Institute do not need to register for lunch.

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