Faculty Wellness and Well-Being Resources

The CFI encourages faculty to focus on their wellness and wellbeing as a part of a healthy faculty lifestyle. Our goal is to help faculty be great teachers, flourishing scholars, and thriving professionals, and that starts with faculty feeling happy, healthy, and whole.

The resources below are curated to help you think about what wellness and wellbeing might mean for you. This is only a starting point and we hope you will continue seeking resources to support your wellbeing.

  • Creating a Healthier Life (PDF)
  • I'm So Stresses Out (PDF)
  • Keep Your Mind Grownded (PDF)
  • Mindfulness Coach - Mobile App (PDF)
  • Mindfulness Coach flyer (PDF)
  • My Mental Health: Do I Need Help? (PDF)
  • Social Wellness Checklist (PDF)
  • Tips for Talking with a Health Care Provider About Your Mental Health (PDF)
  • Ways to Work on Your Wellness (PDF)
  • Working Adults: Care for Yourself One Small Way Each Day (PDF)
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