CFI Impact Beyond JMU

The CFI is a community of faculty and educational developers collaborating to create opportunities for professional growth and innovation. This mission is resonant within and outside of James Madison University. In addition to being campus leaders and academic faculty at JMU, Center for Faculty Innovation staff are recognized experts and innovators in the field of faculty development.

Recent Publications

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Presentations & Conferences
Research & Assessment Team at IUPUI 2019

Dr. Timothy Ball, Melissa Altman and Tiffany Runion presented on the reconceptualization of the evaluation, assessment and research plan at the Center for Faculty Innovation during the 2019 IUPUI Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, IN.

Dr. Gravett at POD 2018

Drs. Emily Gravett (Assistant Director), pictured, and Kristin J. Rudenga (University of Notre Dame) presented at POD 2018 their research on Imposter Phenomenon. Professional and Organizational Development (POD) Network is devoted to improving teaching and learning in higher education.

from ISSOTL 2018

Drs. Cara Meixner (Executive Director) and Ed Brantmeier (Assistant Director) presented their respective work on community-based teaching and research at ISSOTL 2018, in Bergen Norway. The International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL) fosters scholarly work about teaching and learning.

Midwest political science association logo

Dr. Andreas Broscheid served as a panelist in two faculty development sessions, talking about tenure processes and teaching general education courses, at the Midwest Political Science Association 2019 annual meeting in Chicago, IL.


Dr. Peter Eubanks, faculty associate in the teaching area, presented a workshop on empathy at the 2019 Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy held at Virginia Tech.


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