Beth Hinderliter

Beth is Associate Professor of Cross Disciplinary Studies at James Madison University, where she works at the intersections of contemporary art history, feminist analysis, and critical race studies. She is co-editor of (Re)framing the Feminine: Women’s Studies, Feminism, Gender Identity and the Academy (currently under review for publication), which examines the persistent exclusionary aspects of feminism today after many decades of striving to become intersectional, transnational, and inclusive. Her work in coalitional politics and Africana Studies led her to a project on affect within the Black Lives Matter movement. More than the Pain: Affect and Emotion in the Black Lives Matter Movement offers historical, analytical and performative studies of the Black Lives Matter movement, revealing how affective and emotive strategies inform and inspire social and political activism in the black American community. Her essays appear in NKAJournal of Postcolonial Writing, TDR, African and Black Diaspora, and October. She currently teaches courses in Women's and Gender Studies, Africana Studies, and Art History.  

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