The Biotechnology faculty are drawn from a handful of JMU departments. Working together, they offer a set of diverse expertise, courses, and research programs.

Stephanie Stockwell, Ph.D.
Stephanie Stockwell

Program Director, Biotech Program

Associate Professor, ISAT


Robert McKown, Ph.D.
Bob McKown

Major Advisor, Biotech Program

Professor, ISAT


Debbie Mohler, Ph.D.
Image: Debbie Mohler

Major Advisor, Biotech Program

Associate Professor, Chemistry


Jonathan Monroe, Ph.D.
Image: Jonathan Monroe

Major Advisor, Biotech Program

Professor, Biology


Kimberly Slekar, Ph.D.
Image: Kimberly Slekar

First Year Advisor, Biotech Program

Associate Professor, Biology


Louise Temple, Ph.D.
Image: Louise Temple

Major Advisor, Biotech Program

Professor, ISAT


Christopher Berndsen, Ph.D. Chemistry/CGEMS

Callie Miller, Ph.D., Engineering

Amanda Biesecker, Ph.D., ISAT 

Sam Morton, Ph.D., Engineering

Tim Bloss, Ph.D., Biology

Jacquelyn Nagel, Ph.D., Engineering

Steve Cresawn, Ph.D., Biology/CGEMS

Ron Raab, Ph.D., ISAT

Janet Daniel, Ph.D., Biology

Mike Renfroe, Ph.D., Biology

Ray Enke, Ph.D. Biology

Terrie Rife, Ph.D., Biology

Susan Halsell, Ph.D., Biology

Kyle Seifert, Ph.D., Biology

James Herrick, Ph.D., Biology/CGEMS

Morgan Steffen, Ph.D., Biology

Nusrat Jahan, Ph.D., Math & Stats/CGEMS

Bradley A. Striebig, Ph.D., Engineering

Oleksandr Kokhan, Ph.D., Chemistry

Isaiah Sumner, Ph.D., Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chris Lantz, Ph.D., Biology

Marquis Walker, Ph.D., Biology

Gina MacDonald, Ph.D., Chemistry

Linette Watkins, Ph.D., Biochemistry


Nathan Wright, Ph.D., Chemistry & Biochemistry

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