Assistant Professor of Biology 

Director of Microscopy Laboratory

B.S. – University of Southern California
Ph.D. – ETH Zurich

Phone – 540-568-4521
Office – Bioscience 2036

Office Hours

Courses: Cell and Molecular Biology (214), Light Microscopy (432/532)

Research Interests: Cellular and extracellular matrix mechanobiology

My overarching research interest is how cells in the body sense, respond to, and alter their surrounding environment. This interest grew from my work in bioengineering/biophysics and cell biology, during which I studied tissue engineering and cancer progression, respectively. Although very different areas of human health, both involve changes to the homeostatic environment that alter host cell behavior and influence clinical outcome. For example, artificial tissue scaffolds should encourage host cells to infiltrate and remodel the scaffold into normal tissue; yet most current artificial scaffolds cannot do this. An opposite problem exists in many cancers in which the tumor co-opts neighboring (normal) cells to remodel the surrounding tissue and create an environment that promotes tumor growth invasiveness. The inability to control cell invasion and cell-mediated tissue modification in these and other cases stems in part from a limited understanding of the physical interactions between cells and their surroundings. In particular, I am interested in the dynamic interplay in which physical cues from the microenvironment alter cell phenotype, and cells feedback to modify those very same cues. Although a cell’s microenvironment is often assumed to be static and passive, it is neither: it both instructs and is changed by cell behavior. I study this problem in the context of extracellular matrix (ECM) synthesis and cell migration. For more information, see my personal faculty website.

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