New Students

The First Semester Advising and Enrollment Preparation Modules provide new incoming freshmen and transfer students with academic information necessary to prepare for enrolling in first semester classes at JMU. 


MyMadison is the official university site where new and continuing students can access all of their academic records, enroll in classes, find the name and contact information of their academic advisor, view a copy of their unofficial transcript and see their academic advisement report.

MyMadison Tutorials are available to provide help with the class enrollment process and introduce students to the features of MyMadison.


Undergraduate Catalog

The Undergraduate Catalog is published each year and contains academic requirements for every major, minor and pre-professional program. 

General Education

The General Education Program Study Planner will help students plan to meet General Education requirements. 

Scheduling Resources

  • Daily Schedule Planner - Download a copy of this planner to help you keep track of your time as you add classes to your schedule.
  • Can I Get There On Time?  – Check to make sure you have time to travel across campus between your classes. 
  • Dates and Deadlines Explained - "Add/Drop Deadline", "Course Adjustment Period", "Enrollment Appointment", "Open Enrollment" and more.

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